2013 May 25 | Mongolian festival, Dana Point boats, Baldwin Hills

The new battery for my cell phone still hasn't arrived, so back to drawn maps on Post-Its. And I remembered why I tend to shop online: none of these stores had what I needed at them, even though they say they do online.

Awesome plate.

The top of this car is pretty torn up.

And another Post-It map, a bit more complicated this time.

The guy who cut my hair didn't cut it nearly as long as they normally do, and this piece kept hitting my eyelashes. That drives me nuts, but it was too early for another full hair cut, so I just chopped some off with a scissors.

This guy put the "JUN" and "2013" stickers on at an angle; a little bit of artistic license.

We saw Fast and the Furious 6 and The Hangover 3 on Friday night, and the flip car from the movie was out front.

We had reserved seats, but this was for another theater that didn't have them; quite a line.

I like the hedge wall.

A license plate at the Mongolian Festival. The number 8 sounds similar to the word for "wealth" in Chinese, so it's considered a lucky number.

Archery at the park.

Trying some of the traditional food.


Ogii talking to a monk.

Ogii made some gift baskets for the kids. She also brought some balloons for them, and they were by far the most-played-with toy there. Kids love balloons.

A traditional outfit.


Kids singing the Mongolian national anthem.

The monk doing prayers.

Traditional dancers.

Blessing the ground with milk.

Handing out watermelon.

Lots of gifts for the kids.

Lined up for them.

Shooting anklebone pieces at targets on a board.

There were a couple of white guys with crossbows at the end...

... but the traditional way is to flick the piece with your finger from this wooden rail.

Good shot.

A girl giving the crossbow a try.

Not sure what this one means.

Love to cycle.

I guess they share? Or maybe it indicates he always drives?

Saturday evening we went to Dana Point for a boat show. Apparently the show was already over when we got there, but we still had fun looking around.

Tiles with pictures on them.

An old ship.

I think the building on the left is a restaurant with a nice view; the one on the right looks like a very big house.

The beach.

California girl.

There were a ton of boats in the harbor; I estimated around 1000.

The yacht club.

A statue of Richard Henry Dana, Jr, who left his studies at Harvard to sail on a ship.

Pretty flowers.

Some sailboats.

Little animals running around.

Lots of moss on this tree.

A view of the beach from the yacht club.

A couple doing wedding photos.

Our long shadows.

A hybrid.

Neat wooden boat.

I'm guessing the trees have been bent from the wind.

I remember these from when I was a kid.

Cool old car.

Sitting on a bench watching the boats go by.

Weird growths on a tree.

Our favorite boat name.

Hugging a big palm tree.

Sunset through my sunglasses.

The hanging branch had fallen off, looks like it was attached to the stump on the right side, but it was still stuck to the other branch.

Sunset through a tree and sailboat masts.

With a paddle border.

Some boats and a bird.

With palm trees.

Very pretty black Jaguar with silver highlights.

A huge house on the hill.

Captain and first mate license plates.

That night we went to Baldwin Hills Scenic Outlook in Culver City. The steps were really steep. After a quarter of the way, she was really tired, so I gave her a piggy back ride. After halfway, I was exhausted from that, so we took a break and then kept going. You can also take a zig-zagging route that's easier, but it takes much longer.

The view is worth it, though. Looking east towards downtown with the full moon.

A panoramic looking from south to west to north.

The moon up close.

Downtown close.

A nearby Target.

Ogii against the lights.

She's blurrier, but the background is clearer. Tough trade-off.

With the moon.

Our moonlit shadows.

I also got up early the next day to watch the sunset. Here's the moon still.

This area was being restored.

A bit cloudy, but the sun is up over downtown.

Daytime panoramic from south to west to north to east.

Another view of downtown.

There was almost nobody there when I arrived, just a few high school kids hanging out, but when I was leaving, a lot more people were walking up the stairs.

My car was the only one there when I arrived; now there are tons.

The trailhead.

An Indian festival we passed by.

I didn't know these plants grew flowers.

Sighting in.

This guy really doesn't want anybody to scratch his car.

All of the leaves fell on these cars.

Dew on a flower in the morning.

I love these straps. They're so much better than the twist ties for electronics.

I was wary about getting Microsoft Windows 8 on my new laptop instead of an earlier version, but I read the underlying system is much faster even if the user interface takes a bit getting used to, so I got it.

And I hate it. My printer didn't have the correct drivers on the CD...

... and their website the CD sent me to didn't either. Thankfully I could just Google them.

I also couldn't figure out how to shut it off without watching a video online. Wow, that's bad.

There used to be a status bar in the bottom of Explorer that showed image dates, dimensions, etc; that's gone.

There was a VIAO gateway that got in the way of the status bar info that's there, but thankfully I disabled that.

And I can't change the view by just using keyboard shortcuts; I actually have to use the mouse to click on an option. This is especially annoying because I don't like the touchpad at all; it's not nearly sensitive enough most of the time.