2013 May 30 | BYOK pool party, Seth pool party, Memorial Day VB

Cool mural.

Pretty flowers.

Sunday afternoon was a bring-your-own-kiddie-pool party at Johnny White's.


Everybody into a pool for a group shot.

I brought this little pool, the little floaty balls, and some beach balls.

Two people barely fit.

The dog didn't want to swim.

I also brought some of those little pellets that turn into foam shapes when they get wet.

Lounging on a chair.

Good conversations.


And more.

The DJ.

And burgers.

Johnny keeping people fed.

After that was another pool party across town, this time for Seth's birthday.

That's a big margarita glass.

Flip cup, blocking the wind.


Lots of food.


Ooh, a cookie cake.

Blowing out the candle.

Cutting the cake.

Hula hooping.


Lots of beer and water.

Jenga drinking game.

Be careful.

It's getting pretty high.

And down it goes.

Eating a talking.

From the other side.

Some other friends from volleyball.

Don't spill the drinks.

Flipcup winners.

Seth starts it.

His dad even got in a game.

And winners again.

Another round of hula hooping.

Aw, that's much cuter than the standard family stick figures.

Lots of beginnings and ends.

The guy in the light car to the right came out, looked at the parking job of the darker car, threw his hands in the air, and crawled across from the passenger side.

Three Jeeps, including me.

Big accident.

Aw, they just put these top two signs up by my office. That sucks; now nobody can park on that side of the street in the morning and afternoon and I can't park there all day anymore.

The license plate of the nearby pharmacy student, I'm guessing.

I was changing the color ink cartridge in my printer and must have touched the head with my finger.

Memorial Day I went down to Manhattan Beach to play with Triton. Two different focuses on two different pictures.

Similar form.

Setting straight up.

Good dig.

Jump hits.

Serving with the flag.

Airplanes flew overhead.

In the afternoon I went to Santa Monica to play with the West LA group. Visal serving.

Diving hits.


It was very pretty.