2013 Jun 02 | Firefly Run, Car Shows, Huntington Beach bonfire, casual VB

Ogii helping with some last-minute additions to my costume.

The HOV lane is free if you have two or more people, but you still need to have the little receiver.

Ooh, the blimp!

Fun sign.

Eating at one of her favorite restaurants.

At the Firefly run. Lots of food.

There's the blimp again.

I love her shoes.

Some fun costumes.

Funny home-made shirt.

My costume.

With Linda.

I love the 70s outfit on the left.

With Linda and her friends.

There were a lot of people.

A lot of people wanted to take pictures with me.

A lot of people were taking pictures in front of the LED wall, too.

A cool shot of me.

Another one.

Cool Superman outfits, and a guy who was dragging his kids in a wagon.

These guys had awesome costumes, too; lights wrapped around all-black body suits.

In line ready to run.

Really packed in.

We can see the start.

Really crowded.

Almost time.

Partway through the race.

You could cheat here and just walk into the people coming the other way.

Really, coyotes?

Another area you could cheat.

Linda running.

DJ gear.

The LED wall was really cool.

It had all different patterns.

People loved taking pictures and dancing in front of it.

People coming to the finish line.

Linda and I.

Dancing in celebration.

A professional dancer did a show.

Then they had a costume contest.

I didn't win the grand prize, a GoPro camera, which the guys with the black body suits and light chains won, but I did win free entrance for next year.

A lot of the costume entrants.

The next day there were two car shows right by each other, one at 7111 Talbert and the other at 7711 Talbert.


... and after. Pretty impressive.

That's pretty.

A fun van with a beach theme.


Various vendors.

There was a chili cook-off.

Cute turtle toys.

Funny banner.

Nice airbrushing.

Trophies and band, although it was too early for the band.

Then we went over to the other car show. Parking was hard to find, so it was annoying seeing someone parked like this.

Clean motorcycle.

Old firetruck.

Cool modifications on the Lexus.

Love the seats.

Another really old one.

This one was super low.

A tiny car.

Slightly newer.

This area had some bicycles.

Wooden cars.

A Jeep for the beach.

Big engine.

"Build by a woman."

Some ducks down by the lake.

This one thought his reflection was another duck and kept pecking at it. I though the owner should put a Chamois cloth on its bill and it would wax it for you.

Lots of cars.

A band setting up.

That afternoon we went to a bonfire in Huntington Beach.

A surfer sculpture.

Pretty flowers.

A gorgeous painting.

Dairy Queens are all over in the Midwest, but they're pretty rare here.

The pier.

Some people playing volleyball.

Cute wind toys.

There were a fair number of surfers out there.

A couple getting a wave.

This guy was pretty good.

He went for a while and then jumped off.

A beach wheelchair.

They caught some fish.

Hey, the rod holders are cheating.

Catching a fish.

Tourist shops by the pier.

A guy on an electric skateboard.

Pretty mural made of rocks.

The bus stops look like waves.

What's so funny?

Ah, he's surfing naked.

Lots of people had kites, but this was my favorite: a pirate ship.

The pier.

We had a pretty big group.

With lots of food.

Trying a s'more.


Playing guitar.

Lots of people cooking hot dogs and marshmallows.

Pacific Coast and Beach; that's pretty a Californian intersection.

Sunday was volleyball with the "unprofessional" group.


Going up.

Over the net.

Big serve.

Nice dive.

Big swing and big block.

Stretching out.

Flying sideways.

Bicycle kicks. Any part of the body is legal in beach volleyball.

Aw, this was nice. Someone found some keys and put these signs on like 20 cars there. They really went out of their way to make all those signs.

I still hate Windows 8. When I plug in a camera, two screens pop up, and if I try to close them, they pop up again.

Needing administrator access is pretty dumb; all you have to do is press "OK" on the next alert. Why bother.

It also keeps losing the wifi signal.

This is an email I created through GoDaddy, haven't used at all, and it's already full of spam. The only way that could happen is if GoDaddy itself is involved in the spam.