2013 Jun 16 | Mission Tiki Drive-In Movie, GRMuD, DTLA housing tour, Avalon, VB

Tuesday was a meeting on practice management.

Yummy lunch.

We were in the penthouse for lunch.

Nice view.

At the end they threw out a bunch of freebies, like mousepads. It had some pretty good info, too.

Ogii after being dilated for an eye exam.

The carpool lanes are often as slow as the regular ones, but sometimes they are more open.

It's 7:13pm; perfect timing for only two people.

This guy crossed the double white line, doesn't have a passenger, and is talking on his cell phone.

Pretty view from that restaurant.

Friday we went to the Mission Tiki Drive-In Movie Theater.


Grabbing some snacks.

They had a little store.

That's cute.

Lit-up masks outside.

A wider view showing three screens.

Popcorn and Superman.

Lots of people backed in left their back doors open.

We were on top with blankets and pillows.

If we were on our backs we could watch one of the other three screens.

Like this.

Watching the one on the right.

Pretty moon.

Fast and Furious 6 was on the middle back one.

It always scares me to death when the roof pops back up on the drive home.

Saturday morning was a downtown housing tour. This was a cool building.

We met at Bottega Louie.

About to head out.

Nina Decker was our guide.

The Rowan Building was out first stop.

Pretty nice.

Cool light.

The chains are interesting.

A little jacuzzi area.

Baco Mercat, supposedly a very good restaurant.

Next up was the Douglas Building.

Big open loft.

Nice metallic kitchen.

The view.

Fun cork board.

Next we checked out The Eastern.

Very unique reception area.

Ogii trying out the chair.

A really cool loft.

Modern bathroom.

Huge walk-in closet.

The view.

Fun lights.

You could watch the construction below.

The rooftop pool.

Really nice pool area.

Great view of downtown from the pool.


The door to the penthouse.

Next we walked through Grand Park.

Flags throughout time.

The fountain.

Pegasus was next.

I loved this lamp.

Four-poster bed.

The living room.

Don't fall down.

Nice pool.

With cabanas.

A garden-like area.

Right across from The Standard.

Great little patio area.

Another fun light.

Next was Milano Lofts.

Loved this painting.

Stained-glass ceiling lights.

A low window in the bathroom? I don't know about that.

Also with a view of The Standard.

Open living room.

Last stop: Canvas.

A shared recreation area.

Even though it's right by the highway, the double-paned glass makes it super quiet.

This apartment was two levels.


Pool area.

Modern desk in the reception area.

Free popcorn; who doesn't like that?

Very neat table.

They had won downtown property of the year two years running.

After that was Global Reddit Meetup Day. This was the group picture.

Playing Cards Against Humanity.

Lots of food, but not enough entrees. The chicken we brought was eaten up in about 10 seconds.


Playing musical chairs.

So close.

Lindsay having fun.

A lot of people hanging out.

A plant growing up through a grating.

There was a jousting bouncy house thingy that was pretty fun.

They even had a tournament.

Unfortunately, instead of swinging and hitting the other person, the optimal strategy quickly turned out to be just pushing the other person; much more boring.

Although every once in a while someone went flying.

Ogii gets her helmet knocked off.

Playing chess.

The we played a game where we broke into two numbers teams with five items between the teams. The referee called an item and a number and that person from each team had to run out, grab it, and get it back across their line without being touched by the person with the same number from the other team. Here's me scoring.

Me again. This time I barely made it back; I rolled across our line. Then we realized I had grabbed the pink pig instead of the pink cow and we ran out again. I finally scored.

So close.

Such a scam; look how small they write "First 30 min, $15 flat rate." Good thing there was a public lot for only $10 all night less than a block away.

Saturday night we went to an open bar at Avalon.

Unlimited drinks.

And free early entry into the club where if you're in the general admission line, it can be an hour-plus wait outside plus a cover charge.

Everyone with their hands in the air.

Cool lights.

Dancing to the good music.

Having fun.

Still drinking.

"Why do you have her high heel on?"

Ogii's dress and necklace were beautiful.

Sunday was volleyball with All Levels and West LA.

Some good low hits.

And some high ones.

Big spike.

Explorer continues to crash often, especially in folders with lots of files. Some people had found installing new video drivers helps, but when I tried, it said they were proprietary to the laptop and couldn't be updated. Still hating Windows 8.