2013 Jul 05 | Holy Fuck Free Comedy, Bondage Ball, 4th of July with LABV, party cruise

A shelf they added at the Post Office. It's useful, but you'd think they could make it look a little nicer.

Helicopter and big cloud over downtown.

I don't think this is legal, but I guess it's not that big of a problem since there aren't too many pedestrians.

Tuesday night was the last Holy Fuck, a free comedy show that had been showing at the Downtown Independent.

It was packed; people were even standing along the walls.

I love this shirt.

Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, and Will Weldon. Marc was my favorite comedian of the night.

Matt Knudsen did a weird sketch of music.

A couple more.

And a couple more.

And more.

Aw, everyone giving hugs.

Throwing out free t-shirts.

Guys doing the traditional Scandinavian theme.

That almost looks like it could mean something.

A not-very-well disguised cell phone tower.

A Target and a Walmart right by each other; you don't see that often.

XYZ and 1245, although out of order.

Jerk with the red SUV taking up two parking spaces.

Wednesday night was the Bondage Ball at a new nightclub just a couple of blocks away. We put together some fun outfits.

A guy with an interesting getup outside the club.


The Boulet Brothers.

A couch with a professional photographer.

Cool outfits.

Playing around on the tie-up X thingy.

From above the main stage.

Hiding behind a light-up X.

All red.

One woman tied up and being spun by and old guy while another whips them.

It was pretty crowded.

Dog mask.

Collar tie.

Us on a couch.

An interesting mannequin.

Some playground area.

Another whipping area.

Everyone got a kick out of Mickey Mouse.

Outside with some cops; we even got to try on their motorcycle helmets.

We went to the beach for the 4th of July.

Another guy taking up two spaces, not good especially on a busy holiday.

Nice house.

Fun sign: "Honk if you love America."

We got there early to make sure we had a place to park.

One of the dump trucks almost got stuck in the sand.


Me serving.

Me blocking.

Good effort.



Getting low.

Great block.

Serve with the flag in the background.

Another block.

That one's over my hands, though.

We had a pretty good team together for a few games here.

I like his sunglasses.

Jack is great at putting the ball right where he wants it.

Pretty good arm position.

Having fun.


Carrying the umbrella over me.


Good jump.

Lots of food.

Lots of hot dogs.

Everyone singing happy birthday to Troy.

A cake.

Aw, that's fun.

We went to Blake's for burgers in the afternoon since he was only a few blocks away.


Big dog.

Everyone hanging out.

At the bar.

Back to the beach for more volleyball.

Crazy hit.

Good hit.

Me serving.

Dive for it!

Me diving.

Reaching far.


Both of our eyes on the ball.

Coming in for a set.

Big serve.

Down to two nets in the evening.

Chatting and eating.


Joined by Blake's friends.

Three on three.

Another good serve.

A punching hit.

Hey, I thought we were taking pictures of volleyball?

Not as good...

... but they don't play every weekend, either.

It was still fun.

Another serve.

Another hit.

Arms together.


It's getting pretty dark now.

Time for fireworks.

Colorful one.

Lots of raining parts.

Many shooting pieces.

A heart.

People watching them.

And more.


That's one of the the worst possible schedules I can have; I can't come in late or leave early.

This is a little German town area.

Lots of German shops.

This one had lots of German foods.

Mugs and stuff.

Tons of sausages.

I never knew there was a German newspaper in California.

The food was really good, too.

I had lost my watch a couple of weeks ago, but then I found it in my shoe. Yay!

Some of the buildings were lit up.

Saving seats for the people getting drinks.

The captain explaining the rules.


Another party boat.

Some of the girls.

Free party cruise.

This woman has some rather large breasts.

The girls having fun with them.

It was a bit cold, but not when you have a human blanket.

Hey, that's not nice.

Our whole group.

Eat Drink Americano, cool restaurant near work.

Huge sandwiches.

Really, you have to be pretty lazy to need all this pre-chopped.

Aw man, they're all out of milk.

Ex-sinner according to the license plate but still parks across the line.

I like how the camera says what high/low f-stops do.

And shutter speed.

And ISO. Very nice for beginners.