2013 Jul 13 | LA zoo, Boomers, Street Food Cinema

They should have made the last "L" be capital and backward so it would be symmetrical.

Save shelf space and prevent stealing.

We saw Pacific Rim at the IMAX in 3D.

It's so high.

Huge screen.

I organized a group to go gokarting and such on Saturday at Boomer's. If you have more than 10 people, you get 6 hours of unlimited rides for about a third of the regular price.

Passing me.

You wanted to watch the race in front of you and see which karts are the fast or slow ones.

Around the corner.

I'm catching up.

Done with that race.

David watching the next turn.

Three-way fight.

Lindsay in one of the faster karts.

This group was dressed up as super heroes.

Ogii waving.

Time for laser tag.

Shooting their base.

The group afterwards.

They also had bumper boats, but they were really slow, so there was barely any water splashing when you bumped,

However, you could squirt people, which was even better.

Ogii squirting me.

And again from behind.

If you were close, though, you could actually duck under the water stream.

Right in the face.

Onto the climbing wall.

All the way to the top.

Hanging on the side.

Batting cages.

Mock-fighting with the bats.

They had different speeds, and teh fastest ones were really hard to hit.

Good swing by me.

Ogii's turn.

And Kat.

Kat's sister.

People broke off and did different activities. We went on the gokarts again.

Lindsay climbing.

This is the harder side.

Having long legs helps.

Coming down.

David going.

At the top.

Kat's sister did really well.

She looks like a spider.

She actually went into the other climbing side at the top.

Really tough right here.

Ogii almost at the top.

Kat's turn.

You need to be pretty flexible to get your legs up high.

All splayed out.

Time for goofy golf.

Some holes had a spinner at the start where you had to see what special task you'd to.

Kat acting as an obstacle.

And putting with her eyes closed.

And back to being an obstacle.

Rolling the ball for the first hit.

Our group was pretty big and the place was fairly busy, but we didn't have to let people go through very often.

Stopped right before going in.

Me lining u a putt.

Kendra shooting pool.

Kat got a hOle in one.

Ogii did too.

Nobody too close to the hole on this one.

Eating ice cream.

Everyone loves Whac-a-mole.

It gets so fast at the end.

Hit the button to punch the ducks with the boxing glove.

Thursday was Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo.

Neat fence.

Trainers with seals.

A big snake.

Cute little hedgehog.

Feeding the goats at the petting zoo.

They have pretty stiff hair.

Comedians at this stage.

A big bird cleaning itself.



Black-headed swans.

The top of the building has bushes.

A DJ set up by the carousel.

The carousel has animals to ride.

Ogii on a snake bench.

Some big gorillas.

This one was making a bed to lie in.


Some elephants.

They were feeding this one fruit.

A stage set up for a band.

Koala bear.

Big sleeping lizard.

Fat sleeping lizards.

A curious snake.

Going to say "hi" to his friends in the next cage.

It's pretty amazing he can hold on here.

"Look, turtles!" "Oh wait, they're statues, not live ones."

Posing with a lizard statue.

This guy kept running around, but he liked Ogii.

Digging a hole.

A venomous snake.

Spiny lizard.

A little aquarium.

Very pretty green snake.

Another big one.

Long-necked turtles swimming around.

Me with a lizard bench.

People were selling drinks at little bars set up around the zoo.

And there were food trucks.

The grilled cheese one is my favorite.

The big giraffe is $300, and the little baby one is so cute.

A dinosaur-in-an-egg hand puppet.

Out front.

Saturday night was Street Food Cinema.

They had lots of food trucks, too.

Vendors selling cookies.

Free water.

You had to get there at least a couple of hours before the shows to get a good seat, so some people brought games.

Very crowded.

Ogii all curled up in the blanket.

The park is in front of the coliseum.

It was a double feature of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, so before the movies, they had some people go through a little obstacle course. First they threw knives at a zombie.

Then put on some police items and shoot a gun in the air.

Hop over the bush.

And finally drink a beer.

This woman was dressed up like a zombie. Everyone was pretty much the same for the first parts, so the winner was decided by who drank the beer the fastest. Most people took about 10 seconds but the winner somehow drank it all in around 2 seconds, amazing.

Movie time.

Our group.

Bill Watterson produced almost no offical Calvin & Hobbes merchandise. One of the few legal ones is a textbook, but it's very rare. It's $20,000 on Amazon. Although sometimes Amazon has goofy prices, so maybe I should check eBay.

Nope, even more expensive there. That would have been a very nice investment to have bought for $10 when I was a little kid.