2013 Jul 20 | Bastille Day, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, LABV, poker at Michael's

Sunday we went to Bastille Day. They had dancers...

... and singers...

... and bands.

Dance lessons for kids.

Playing around with soccer balls.

A wine area.

Lots of yummy desserts.



There were a lot of tents, but they were mostly random vendors, not French-related stuff.

Clouds over downtown LA.

On Monday I went to the office of Raul Bocanegra to discuss the optometry bill in the California legislature, SB 492.

Neat corner of the building.

That looks really bad.

When Monica came she charged her phone in the Jeep, too. When she left I switched them. A couple of days later I noticed the Jeep had trouble starting, and it kept getting worse. I finally noticed that the light on my phone charger plug was on when the Jeep was still off. Wait, I don't think it's always supposed to be on...

... and when I switched it, the light went off. A new car battery was a pretty expensive way to figure out that one plug is always powered even when the Jeep is off.

Playing poker at Curt's in Pasadena. As people got knocked out of the tournament, they went to the cash game outside.

I went up to a grant-writing workshop at the Santa Clarita City Hall on Friday. I didn't know it was so close to Magic Mountain. Hard choice... workshop on the right or rollercoasters on the left.

That sounds like such a pretty name.

City Hall.

Nice mural.

This isn't exactly what I expected, but there were still some useful pieces of info from it.

The workshop ended up being pretty full.

You know an item is high quality if it comes with batteries.

The suction cups weren't holding the Jeep window up; they kept slipping between the frame. So I bought some of these sticky circles to stick out a bit more and hold the window up.

Never seen that before. I'm guessing is a mashup of "Obama" and "nosotros," Spanish for "we."

A medical office building. The walls are glass, though; I wonder if that's a potential HIPAA violation.

DDD blonde?

Stand-up paddleboarding practice with Salla and her boyfriend on Saturday.

Oops, I ran into this float.

Salla practicing dropping if you're about to fall.

A kayaker with a dog.

Ogii running into a boat.

And the wall.

And another boat. "Your other left!"

Avoiding the kayakers.


Salla and her boyfriend.

Dragonboat racers practicing.

Pretty house on the corner of the channel.

Onto volleyball afterwards.

Get down.

George relaxing with some hotties.

ABG with a big hit.

Having fun and diving for the ball.

Eyes on the ball.

Seth with some hits.

Arg, I hate when the ball covers up their face.

Eric about to serve.

The form on the right is better, but the left is more fun.

George at the net.

Big serves.


Good form.



Having some fun flying a kite.

A seagull flying overhead.

Stand-up skateboarding?

Nader with some good hits.

I like the hop.

Two players down.

A sandy ball.

Almost got it.

A seagull on the sand.

Poker at Michael's on Sunday. That'd be a nice time to have 2-7.

I had Max dominated, but he got lucky and the board made a straight so we split the pot.

Everyone having fun.

I got lucky to make my flush to win.

I tried to install a Windows 8 video driver, but it said it couldn't. Dumb OS.