2013 Aug 04 | VG party, West LA VB, Fairmont and Vilebrequin VB

Ugh, that looks horrible.

Everything neatly organized in the Jeep glove compartment.

This guy had his dog on his shoulder.

A new email address set up through GoDaddy. I haven't used it or put it out anywhere and it's already filled with spam. 90% of them are addressed to "Barry" and the other 10% to "Peggy." I wonder how the spammers settled on those names.

Stupid Google Maps. No alternate routes? There are an infinite number of them.

The ethernet port is a little too close to the power port on my new laptop; sometimes I try to plug the power into it instead.

Walmart put the "Please do not contribute to unregistered solicitors" sign right by the unregistered solicitor. I was talking to one of these guys once at a cheap motel and they actually work on commission.

Some +25.00D glasses the staff found in the back.

I want this shelf, but it's too big, so I need to cut it down. However, since it's not a regular board, Home Depot won't cut it. I could cut it myself by hand if I just needed it shorter, but I need to cut the long ways, too, which would take way too long, and I'm not about to buy a circular saw just to cut one shelf.

That's one way to stop people from using those mailboxes. Use what you have, I guess.

This woman occasionally rides her horse here.

One of the dry cleaner hangers had a discount for McCormick & Schmick's, a seafood restaurant, so I almost asked for that hanger instead, but I saw the $10 haircut on this one, so I stuck with it. I only realized it was expired after I got to the car.

A license plate at the World Series of Beach Volleyball last week.

No, no, no... glasses go on the left, plates go on the right.

A Sunday afternoon poker tournament with lots of food.

A little trophy for the winner.

Professional tables.

Arg, I hate when the squeegee at a gas station leaves streaks on the windshield.

So much stuff to carry.

Eating dinner outside, but as the sun kept coming down, I had to keep moving to stay in the shade.

iPromotions used to send these puppets with orders for my office, but since they got taken over by Hilco, they don't do that any more.

Volleyball lessons on Thursday night.

Jim (the instructor), two other students, and I went for dinner afterwards. We ended up at this burger place, and Jim got a huge one.

Another videogame party at my place on Friday night. Everyone having fun playing Bomberman.

Super Smash Bros in the kitchen.

Mario Kart in the living room.

Mario Party where you have to spin the controller really fast for the mini games.

Everyone loves Bomberman.

A house being built across the road from the volleyball courts.

Serve and running hit.

Long reach for the ball.

David going up for a hit.

Big dive.

Visal with a serve and a dig.

Ready to serve.

Diving hit.

I told him his sunglasses looked really cool, but he said they were just really old and the blue in the middle has rubbed off. Still cool, I think.


Smiling even while diving.

Big serve.

Afterwards was another Fairmont / Vilebrequin mini VB tournament.

There were a couple of all-male high school teams that were really good.

These guys wore leis; fun.

Smiling and laughing.

Weird formation; five guys back and one guy setting.

Big hit from the side.

Appetizers and drinks afterwards.

Lots of fruit.

Emily McGough, the Public Relations Coordinator at the Fairmont, helps serve some appetizers. She could barely get two steps before she was attacked by hungry volleyball players, though.

Our team.