2013 Aug 18 | Tehachapi Mountain Festival rodeo, Wings Over Camarillo air show, Long Beach BBQ Festival, poker

Buying a mini fridge and microwave for the office, but since it's around when college starts, it probably looks like I'm starting school.

Bad accident.

That's a bright car.

We drove up to Tehachapi, about two hours north of LA, to see a rodeo there. On the way we saw a house right at the top of the hill. That'd be insanely expensive in LA, but out here, it's probably not quite so bad.

Pretty lake.

Enjoy today.

A little fair on the side of the road.

Lots of windmills.

It's been a while since I've seen a train out on an open road.

More windmills.

Uh oh, our exit was blocked off and we were forced to exit the highway here. Oh well, we're almost there anyway.

Even more windmills.

We made it to the rodeo.

About half of the riders were traveling together and their vehicle broke down. That means if you didn't get disqualified, you were almost guaranteed money.

Little vendors.

The rodeo.

Kids digging in the dirt to find coins.

Bull bucking.

A view on our way out.

We got a little lost on the way since the directions we put in were for the city center, not the rodeo, but thankfully there were some signs we could follow.

Ogii was using the big measuring cup rather than the small one. No no no, I said, that's inaccurate. See? Way too much milk.

Piggybacking isn't really consolidating, but I guess it kind of makes sense.

Tons of cacti.

It it supposed to be unclear what it's supposed to mean? It'd be self-referencing.

Interesting-looking restaurant.

Dinner at a nice little place.

Festival of Arts.

It was packed.

The whole area was crowded, so we had to park up this big hill and then walk back up it afterwards.

An accident at night.

The new highway looks huge.

Pretty mural in Long Beach.

Giant tree in the park.

The park had tons of bums sitting around, though.

Mermaid sculptures.

I didn't know trimming the underwater grass was a way to keep the lake clean.

The vendors at the Long Beach BBQ Festival had huge signs advertising all of the awards they had won.

Along with trophies.

It took some huge stakes to hold them up.

Lots cooking in the back.

Slabs of meat.

This guy was making origami animals for kids after his show.

Aw, he made some kissing penguins for Ogii and me.

His partner made balloon animals and such for kids.

A massive balloon sword fight.

Dance hall.

View of the festival.

We stopped by the Battleship Iowa on the way home.

A flush with a 7 beats a flush with a 6.

Hey, my Monopoly tags were already torn off! I wonder how that happened.

I always used to buy this gum, but instead of coming in flat packs, it comes in tubes now, so it doesn't fit in the spot in the Jeep that I keep it.

I need a 28-inch rod. Great, which one should I get? The one might be just too short and the other just too long.

Grabbed dinner here while they were doing an open mic comedy night. Unfortunately they weren't too funny.

On Saturday we went to the Wings Over Camarillo air show. This was a funky plane.

Ogii by a jet.

An old plane.

Me inside.

Old one flying.

LAPD helicopter.

Lots of controls.

Ready to chase down the bad guys.

Planes in formation.

A stunt flyer.

This was cool; she flew up, stopped, and then fell down backwards.

Ogii watching the show from inside a plane.

At the front.

I don't think you can actually stick your arm out in flight.

Shiny orange.

Shiny silver.

There were a lot of experimental ones people had made.

Data for this one.

Some jumpy things for kids.


Similar paint jobs.

A cute little car.

A mobile cafe shaped like a space shuttle.

People watching the show.

Very pretty.


This guy was biking at the same speed as the big plane taking off.

Formation flying.


A few interesting cars as well.

A shuttle to the parking lot, although we just walked.

Two stunt flyers racing.

It'd be really cool if they flew through the palm trees.

I'd be a little worried about the lime tree right next to the radioactive sign.

Oh come on, lost on time again. Dumb program.