2013 Aug 25 | Berlin-style ping pong, LABV, Rachel's birthday party

Big accident on the highway.

Never good when your car is facing the wrong way.

The pickup is pretty smashed up, too.

Big tree.

I hate this USC bus driver. I've seen him merge very late here, across the single white line when you're not supposed to merge any more, multiple times, which really slows down the rest of traffic.

Going to the Pro Photo Expo and Conference at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Although parking there is pretty expensive. Thankfully there is some street parking nearby for free.

I kept walking around different buildings and couldn't find it. Finally I found this building; pretty impossible to miss if you come to the right building from the right direction.

Lots of photos.

Nice sunset.

And another.

And a daytime pier shot.


Another nice sun shot.

Interesting positioning of the moon with the dragon statue.

These are all very nice, too.

I like the collection of different shots. The only thing that disappointed me was that almost all of the pictures had been over-saturated and look fake; why can't anybody take a normal picture any more?

I actually got there at 10am, thinking I could check it out and get to volleyball by noon, but 10am was only some conferences; the exhibit hall didn't open until noon. Thankfully volleyball goes a while and I ran around the exhibit hall pretty quickly.

Lots of exhibitors.

Live Photoshopping.

Neat frame.

Giving people advice about their photographs.

Fake floors.

A huge zoom lens.

Very neat picture composition, with one photo made out of multiple pieces in different ways.

I love seeing the blimp over downtown.

Volleyball punch.

Eyes on the ball.

Good set.

Having fun.


Not quite.

Long reach.

I like the reflection of the ball in his sunglasses.

Going up for a big spike.

Good form.

The sun is just hitting the tops of the hills.

Baking a cake at Rachel's birthday party.

Lots of snacks.

There was a bunch of paper on a table to color on.

Your picture had to have the same color as the lines it went through.

Playing chess.

Versus Ogii.

Some acting game.


No idea on this one.

Others playing chess and the guessing game.

Rachel blowing out her candles.

More crayoning.

The whole table.

Ogii and I.

A crayon cake.

A minion.

A birthday card.

The group from above.

We went to a comedy show at the Ice House. It was fairly funny.

Woke up to a spider on the bed.

I hate sewing on buttons. The sewing part is easy and takes a minute, but I swear threading the dumb needle feels like it takes 5 minutes.

Berlin-style ping pong at The Standard.

Everyone forms a big circle, hits the ball, then runs forward for the next person to hit it. You're also supposed to always have a drink in your hand, but a lot of people cheated on that part. It was pretty fun. I figured out that the best strategy was just to hit it easily. It might screw over the person behind you if the opponent hits it hard, but trying to get tricky will almost always make you miss the shot.

A video I took while playing.

And another one.

I busted out of the poker tournament at Curt's early, but I did pretty well in the cash game afterwards and won a little over $100.

What a waste; the generic brand has to have two different packages for the exact same medication to look similar to the brand names.

A Waze report on Google Maps? Ah, Google Maps bought Waze. I wonder if Waze will still continue to be a stand-alone navigation app.