2013 Sep 01 | Hollywood pool party, LABV and West LA VB, visiting Lily and Gunther's baby, poker at David's

I like the temperature display on the air conditioning office. It hit 99 but we were turning then and didn't get the picture.

Yummy dessert.

Pretty lights.

Not sure how safe it is to have a cat wandering around while you're driving.

Fun license plate.

Mountains and flat clouds.

Mountains and fluffy clouds.


Neat clouds with the sun behind them.

I'd assume wife and daughter, but it could be two girlfriends; it is California after all.

Huge sheet of clouds.

This homeless woman had the biggest collection of stuff I've seen. I wonder if anyone ever uses this bus stop.

It's weird living so close to Hollywood Blvd filled with tourists and almost never going there.

Funny-looking tree.

Beer pong at a pool party and BBQ at a house in Hollywood.

Open bar.

Ogii on a giant chair.

Ted Cohen, involved in the music industry. I'd assume this is his house.

The front lawn.


People hanging out.

Pretty sunset.

Didi and Ogii at the end of the infinity pool.

Them with a rubber ducky.

Lots of fire now.

Us in front of the front door; very cool design.

Pretty stained glass in this house.

Having fun using our arms as wings to guide the Jeep.

We had to do it in tandem.

This guy had a camera on the front of his vehicle. Most people have them on their dashes.

The air hasn't worked on level 1 ever, but now it just stopped working at level 2 as well. Level 3 is pretty strong, though, so I have to change the temperature a lot to keep it comfortable.

I love seeing little lizards wandering around.

A little snack with Gunther, Lily, and their new baby.

Aw, so cute.

I wonder what the fence is for. The ground is so steep I don't think anybody could actually be in the yard.

Ugh, never a good idea to drive by the Hollywood Bowl; traffic is always bad.

I like the multiple layers of bridges at the Hollywood Highland complex.

Ogii rocking out.

Poker at David's.

We both had terrible flushes, but Ogii's was slightly more terribler.

Ogii with aces.

Consumer Reports said White Cloud was better than Quilted Northern.

So I tried it, but I disagree; Quilted Northern is far superior. They rated 9 brands as equally soft, but Quilted Northern is much softer than all of them, so maybe they don't have enough degrees of difference or their tested was wrong. Also, different people will be more concerned with different qualities, so just comparing the total is a bit wrong, too.

These two women were from Germany, so I helped them figure out how to get gas and which one to use.

The game at McDonald's was frozen.

It uses Linux.

I worked so late that the gate to the grocery store was closed when I got done.

I like being able to walk to and from work on Thursdays, but it's been really hot lately, so I've tried sticking to the side of the street that's in the shade as much as possible.

Although here there's only spots of shade under the trees.

This program stops all other programs that are running in the background. Right now the only one to stop is itself.

Celebrating after a point.

Good form all around.

She was always going after the ball.

Good arm form.

Big serve.

It's pretty much luck on whether I get the timing just right, but my favorite is when the ball is compressed into their arms like this.

Seth diving.

Fun reflection in his sunglasses.

Nancy stretching out for the ball.

Flying dive.

Huge serve.

Eyes on the ball.

Big reach.

He got in her way and she was playfully unhappy about it.

Well, it's pretty obvious that I need to change my sunscreen application process. You can see right where my hands stop during their natural movements.