2013 Sep 08 | Backstreet Boys concert, go-karting, Santa Monica Museum of Flying, Fairmont VB

I wonder if her husband's says, "HIS."

Pretty mountains.

Another view.

There's an ambulance behind me with it's lights and siren on. However, it's not going much faster than traffic, so I just stayed ahead of it until I made my normal turn.

We went to the Backstreet Boys concert. Pauly D from Jersey Shore opened; he wasn't that great.

Then this guy came on.

Playing some funny instrument.

And the Backstreet Boys.

A lot of dancing together.

The crowd.

Out on front of the stage.

Having the crowd use their cameras as lights.

Playing with the crowd.


A parking enforcement guy came by and told the people with the U-Haul they couldn't block the sidewalk. That might be the law, but I'm not sure if he can enforce that and everyone does it when they move in. Where else are they supposed to fit the truck? Lay off, guy.

You have to change the switch of the FasTrak transmitter depending on how many people you have.

But you can't see them when you put it up here. What a dumb design; if they put the switch on the left side, it would be fine.

There are only a few highways with FasTrack lane and they're pretty short, but it does save a fair amount of time if there's a lot of traffic.

Looking down at the pier.

Trees outlined against the sky.

We had some coupons to MB2 Raceway so we went there.

You have to wear shoes, not flip flops, but it's nice they have some there you can borrow if needed.

Lots of cars and helmets.

Playing some games before we race.

Helmets on.

The helmets are pretty big.

Ready to go.

Me going by.



Kat and me.

After the race.

Your scoresheet is really neat. You don't race other people directly; it keeps track of your lap time and you see who was the fastest. There's a graph that shows your lap times and another that shows your position for each lap time. I was the fastest in every lap except #3.

In the bottom-left it shows the best lap of every racer, and I had the fastest one. I was only a couple of seconds slower than the fastest times of the week, and we had a lot of people in our race who got in my way, so I think I did pretty good.

On the podium.

We waited for this train a few minutes, but it didn't look like it was going to move, so we went around it on the side streets.

I bought a wrist blood pressure monitor for the office. However, it looks like it reads a bit low at times. A few points wouldn't be a big deal, but this looks like it's 15 points off.

A roach in the shower scared Ogii. I told her to put a bit of loofa on it's antennae so it could clean itself.

It hopped over on the towels.

A really clean road layout with a big bike lane.

The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica.

A big plane out front.

A fighter jet.

Some pretty complex math even with the chart.

All of the seats were from airplanes.

A model of the Wright brothers' plane.

A flying simulator.

Very detailed models.

A small plane used in a James Bond movie.

That's a pretty big engine.

Ogii in a cockpit.

Me in the FedEx cockpit.

A really bright painting.

Looking down from the upper level.

A tiny plane.

I like the orange one that looks like a missile and the white one with really skinny wings.

This Ferrari's convertible top was stuck.

The last Fairmont / Vilebrequin volleyball games of the summer. Crystal's family was there, too.

Big jump.

Crystal diving.

Good hit.

The organizer played in a game.

Fighting at the net.

This woman was really good.

She always went for the ball.

Nancy watching the ball.

Me with some good hits.

Blocking and hitting.

A big swing.


Crystal hitting it back.

Over the top of the net.

Crystal covering the spike.

Crystal's team won! They had gone a few times earlier in the year and lost, so it was nice they got the shorts.

Drinks and appetizers afterwards.

Pretty sunset.

No, all of these are horrible options. Go away.

The anti-virus installer tries to install a malware toolbar, ugh.