2013 Sep 15 | Love Nail Tree release party, WestLA VB, whale watching

Sunset over the highway.

Lots of hills here.

Huge tree.

These sandals from Target are the only ones I've ever found to be comfortable. However, I couldn't find them in any stores, so I ended up ordering them online. The new ones are a bit harder, though.

Open bar at the Love Nail Tree release party with the little wines in a bottle.

Electronic cigarette tasting.

Lots of interesting necklaces.

Necklaces made with optometric lenses.

Clothing for sale.

More free drinks.

The crowd.

A movie. I like the forklift in the corner.

A giant fan keeping things cool.

These shadows look like a shark and a rat.

Food trucks outside.

It's hard to squeeze two vehicles in these spaces, so I usually try to get as close to the side as possible. Even then sometimes the other person doesn't leave enough room.

Volleyball with West LA. I like how the ball from the other court made it into this shot.

Good contact.

Big jump.

Nice tap.




Good hits.

Throwing up lots of sand.

Interesting angle.

Sunset from the Newport Beach house that Monnie and Peter were staying in.

Out on the patio.

View from the pier in the morning.

A bird with the fishermen.

A seagull and surfers.

Rolling waves.

This guy was pretty good.

Lots of surfers.

Waiting for a wave.

The birds were hanging out with the surfers.

Getting up.

Even more surfers.

Moving along.

A big ball at the front of the pier.

Nice clock.

Me kissing the mermaid.

A sand smoother, a surfer, and some birds.

This house had a really big patio for how expensive space is.

Very modern looking with lots of windows.

Another one.

Lots of glass.

Mom playing with a bird.

He might bite you.

Nice patio on top of their house.

A guy hauling his friend.

Man with his dog.

Nice line of palm trees and houses.

A little cove.

That house looks like it's about to fall in.

A boat pulling in another boat.

The last time I went whale watching I didn't see a single one, but this time we saw a lot.

The tail of one going into the water.

Even some dolphins.

Everybody watching the whales.


Me with dad and mom.

Ogii and I.

Two whales right next to each other.

A little squid on the boat.

Watching some more.

Another set.

Blowing air.

And anther one.

They moved our trip up half an hour so we'd be back before sunset, but since we kept seeing whales, the captain kept us out a bit longer. I'm glad he did.

Sun setting.

Dad on the edge of the boat.

Pretty view coming back in.

Lots of trees and boats.

Nice water.

Lit-up building.

Kayaking with mom and dad.

Ogii and me.

Dad and mom.

When dad and I went to a CE meeting, mom and Ogii went to the lobsterfest. Mom with a rat.

So cute.

Pirates on stilts.

Hey, what's this? Oh well, it was easy enough to call and get it.

I wonder if all of those window and aisle seats are single passengers or couples who use the trick to try to get an open seat between them since nobody wants the middle seat. Although on full flights, it doesn't work as well.

My favorite deoderant is Speed Stick Aqua Sport, but it's impossible to find even online any more. Even if an online store or ebay lists it, it's always Ultimate Sport instead.