2013 Sep 22 | LA County Fair, Alpine Village Oktoberfest, health fair

Cool beach house.

Sand in my laundry basket from going to the beach a lot.

One of my favorite breakfasts in LA, French toast suffle at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica.

This is a super-cheap parking lot in Santa Monica, but I always forget to park there and then see it when I walk by.

Got the last vanilla Coke in the store.

Good night at poker; ended up with $505.50.

Yummy dinner at a small restaurant.

People leave big stuff here instead of throwing it out in case other people want it. I can't believe someone is leaving this dolly here, though. I wonder if they forgot it?

Going to the LA County Clerk to register a business name.

Still can't do it online since you have to sign in person.

First person of the day. Some of the systems are down, though.

I filled out the form on their computer and got to the cashier before the employees got to their seats.

Interesting, they have a sign saying don't accept checks from this guy / newspaper.

And done.

All of the newspaper publishing people stand outside and swarm you when you try to go in. I beat them there today, though. I used them the last few times but not this time; I know what I'm doing and I just did it online for cheaper.

For years, Zebra pens have been my favorite. However, I read that Uni-balls are really good, so I bought some, and they are a little more solid and smooth.

Foxy boxing with celebrities.

Ugh, I hate these ads on my car. I don't even know how they're legal; they're forcing me to either litter or take it with me to throw away at home.

Wow, this toothpaste tastes like vapo-rub, horrible.

Oktoberfest in Alpine Village.

A fair number of people dressed up.


Not a huge selection.

Dancing on stage.


A look-alike of a famous German singer. People even brought head cutouts of him.

Tipping the band.

Mom cooked lasagna for poker at Curt's, which everyone loved.

Me playing.

Ogii made it to the final table.

Eating at the LA County Fair.

Aw, all babies are cute.

This goat loved being petted by Mom.

Baby lambs.

These cardboard cutouts were all over.

Mom and Dad in one.

Big cow.

Little pigs.

All sleeping together.

Ogii in the feeding zoo.

They swarmed you.

Mom feeding one.

A giant pumpkin.

A cowboy show and Indian dance.

Another cutout.

With some characters.

The classic farmer picture.

A view from the ski lift thingy.

Dad and Mom on it.

A bungee jumping platform.

It's more fun watching the mechanical bulls than riding them.

Lots of huge turkey legs.

I didn't see this last year; a collection of old trains.

The wheels are huge.

Me standing on one.

A praying mantis that was wandering around.

Time for some games.

Good shot!

These guys won a huge prize.

An angel sculpture.

Trapeze show.

Fire juggling.

Skateboarding over fire.

Putting it out with his mouth.

He put one of his eyebrows on Ogii.

A clown show afterwards.

A pro football player signing.


Science fair projects.

I don't think Biblical explanations of science studies make much sense.

Uh, that's not science. That's Googling.

Saturday morning was the East LA Health Fair sponsored by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez.

Check in at the front of the fair.

A long line.

VSP has a mobile eyes clinic to do complete eye exams.

They even fit a slit lamp up by the driver seat.

Frames and an auto-refractor.

And another full exam lane in the back.

Two optometrists were seeing patients there, Dr. Hseng Hsiao and Dr. Ed Hernandez.

A HealthNet mascot.

Free massages.

Hand prints.

Getting information.

USC dental school doing checkups.

There were a lot of booths.

Senator Ed Hernandez talking.

A lot of attendees.

Screening some attendees.

We only did visual acuities because we didn't have any upperclassmen.

Checking vision.

Asking some questions.

Answering some questions.

We had two volunteers per chart, one pointing and one getting the patients' responses.

Sometimes we were a bit slow, but after they would make an annoucement about the vision screening, we would get really busy.

The little kid is cheating.

Senator Jimmy Gomez even came by.

Getting his vision checked.

The organizer of the health fair stayed very busy.

Phone in one hand, walkee talkee in the other.

Planned Parenthood.


Blood pressure.

102, it's gonna be hot.

A perfect example of a great app being ruined by monetization. Shazaam identifies a song by listening to it. It was an amazing engineering feat and was super-fast when it first came out, but now it has ads and all these options to buy it, which really slows it down.

I keep deleting these dumb Sprint apps I never use and they keep coming back.

A very busy Monday afternoon. If every day were like this, it'd be great.