2013 Sep 29 | LABV, Glow Santa Monica, Central LA High School, cathedral

Glow was a light-themed art show on the Santa Monica beach.

They had various art displays. This one had different scenes on a screen.

Each one was marked by one of these giant white globe lights.

One with a fire ring on top.

Lined up around Ogii's head.

With a flash.

It took a lot of propane to run the fire.

Inside there was some display.

But the line to see it was huge, so we skipped it.

Me "eating" one of the light balls.

Some guys on bikes with lights.

Big monster horns.


And dance.

Good thing we got there early; it got pretty crowded.

Everyone walking down the stairs.

Neat lights on a restaurant.

The parking garage is lit up.

I like how the say how many spaces are available. They fill up when there are big events like this, though.

There was a big line to pay here.

But nobody knows about the back elevators and pay station, so there's no line at all.

Sunrise over Central LA High School and Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels church.

The HS is very modern looking.

Interesting quote in the dirt on the window: He who knows everything knows nothing at all.

It kind of looks like a person waving.

A cross on the church with the moon.

A little leaf on a tree.

A spiky seed.

Bird of Paradise flower.

Bells at the church.

An angel window carving lined up with the sun.

A sculpture garden.

Neat floor symbols, fountain with a waterfall, and church entrance.

Very pretty dresses.

Sculpture on top of the door.

Volleyball. I like the ones where the sand is flying.

Eyes on the ball.

Making sure it's out.

Fight at the net.

Good platform.

Another one.

And another.

A few pictures of me.

Everyone moving forward.

This is dumb. It says your password cannot include any part of your name. But that's not correct, because you can use single letters that are in your name, and also two-letter combinations in your name.