2013 Oct 06 | Huntington Gardens, Vision Expo in Las Vegas

You can visit Huntintgon Gardens for free on certain days, although you still need to get tickets. Lily got some for us, so we went in the afternoon.

Deer statue.

Lots of roses.

Ogii by some huge bamboo.

Bonsai trees.

A tree with a very weird trunk.

More little trees.

A lizard running around.

Me in these doors.

Rock garden.

Nice bridge.

Japanese tea house.

Gorgeous view.

A fish.

With a friend.

Natural cover.

I've never heard of alcoholic herbs.

Water fountain at the end of some paths with statues lining the sides.

A library.

One of my favorite things there: a lamp with an ostrich egg inside.

The science hall.


Lots of hanging lights.

Huge lawn.


You don't want to fall over on this path.

A bunch of round ones.

Some flowers on top.

This one grew in a weird pattern.

Lots of different big ones.

I was walking and this squirrel came flying across the ground.

And then up a tree.

Weird plant.

Ogii on a lawn.

Statue at the south end of the gardens.

A huge tree.

Ogii hugging a leaf.

These stairs end abruptly.

A little restaurant.

Pretty pond.

Lily and Ogii.

Ogii and I.

Lots of fish hoping people will feed them.

Very nice place to eat.

Inventor in a Lexus.

That's a cool way to hold pens; lots of beans.

An appropriate license plate.

Steeler nation.

Poker tournaments at the Bicycle casino in LA.

Watching a Raider's game on Monday Night Football at Big Wang's.

I was here last year and it was packed with Raiders fans; this time there were only a few tables.

The food was very good.

The Jeep fits very nicely in this parking spot, although I have to get it just right for the door to open without hitting either of these posts.

I have to get really close to the side because there's very little room in the spot beside it.

And close to the wall at the back, too.

Oomph is actually the name of a German band.

Ogii, Kat, Kendra, Judith, her friend, and I went to the Magic Castle on Sunday night.

It's always a very neat place.

So, a princess? Still kind of gross.

I love this house number: 12345.

It's neat how you can watch these on your phone now.

Another vehicle with glitter in the paint.

Very sparkly.

My camera died after getting wet. I tried leaving it in rice for a few days like you're supposed to, but that didn't save it.

Oh man, on a road trip and need BBQ Corn Nuts, but they don't have them.

We went to Las Vegas for Vision Expo and stayed at The Flamingo. They were showing Seinfeld on the TVs behind check-in. I would have been happy pulling up a chair and just watching that for a while.

Playing the penny slots.

We won 25 cents.

There was a little poker tournament starting at midnight, so we decided to play.

There was only one table of players.

There were actually a few other optometrists there, which was fun. This guy in the striped shirt was one, and we both got down to the final three.

Me comparing my chips to the other player. We decided to give third place a little more money and split the rest since we were so close and everyone was tired.

I won $240, minus the $50 buy-in and $20 dealer tip means I made $170.

I'm not paying $14 for a few hours of internet.

Playing around at the entrance to a shop in the hotel.

Flamingo statues outside.

Eating the breakfast buffet by a window so we could watch the ducks and fish.

Yummy dessert.

Lots of animals swimming around.

Even some real flamingos.

At Vision Expo.

A guy dressed as Elvis.

Cool-looking display.

Free M&Ms.

Tables that look like glasses.

Adjustable lenses with a pretty decent range.

Lots of colored contacts.

Tons of frames for sale.

Some very colorful ones.

These are crazy looking.

Neon green temples.

This set of screws for frames was $60, but I found one from a different vendor for only $25. All of the cheap Asian vendors are on one edge of the show.

Cool fountain.

We checked out the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Ooh, Monster Bash, my favorite!

Lots of change machines.

Guns and Roses, fun.

A repair area in the back.

Many very old pinball machines.

A crane game.

And a bulldozer one.

Playing TMNT.

Whacking alligators.

Orbitor was a unique one because the playing field wasn't flat.

Some had interesting stories.

A space shuttle one.

Some game with a gatling gun.

I kicked Ogii's butt at Tetris.

Pictures from a photo booth.

There was a biker convention in town.

We went to the Freemont Street Experience. The Heart Attack grill gives you a free meal if you're over 350 pounds. When Ogii weighed herself, this guy walking by stepped on the scale to make her heavier.

Busy ceiling.

A band playing at the other end.

Dancers on the bar.

A parking meter turned into a donation box, very neat idea.

A very cheap buffet with steak; most only have roast beef.

The Jeep died. A garage took a look at it, but it would be way to expensive to fix.

Taking everything out of it after selling it. It was a good vehicle for a few years and so pretty.

One of the icons on my phone disappeared and I have no idea what it is.