2007 Sep 30 | Marathon, volleyball

With Halo 3 coming out, there was also some talk about Marathon, which Bungie made years ago for the Mac. I played it in high school, and it was a ton of fun. Well, apparently Bungie made it available free to download for Windows, too, so I got it and played a bit. It was still pretty fun, although there are only about 10 people that still play it online.

I'm not sure if that's the safest way to do that. This is at the Sonic on campus which is constantly understaffed; usually at lunch they only have 1 person working the registers. Some of us have been tempted to make "help wanted" signs and put them up on the windows.

A Pontiac Torrent. I bet that name is related to bittorrent.

Honestly, this should be illegal somehow. I don't even have an account with them.

I hate crossing guards; there's no reason for them. If someone is in the crosswalk; stop. If you're driving around when school or churches begin or end, it's obvious you should pay more attention, especially because they have all the flashing lights to tell you to slow down. Heck, even children should understand how crosswalks work, let alone adults.

The toilets in the rec center at UH each have a bar code. I guess it's so they can track which ones need repair; M136 is easier than "the 3rd stall in the north-east men's bathroom by the ball check-out desk," but it's still kind of weird.

Diesel is more expensive than even the high-end gasoline.

We had a volleyball tournament on Saturday. The teams were all the optometry students and a few other players on a few teams. There were two first-year teams, ours and another one. It was a lot of fun and everyone was there more to have a good time than to win (although there were a few light-hearted back-and-forths about who was supposed to get the ball).

And here are a few videos I took of the volleyball tournament.

Our team is on the right. Noah fights for it at the end but doesn't quite win.

Still our team on the right. Brandi and Brandon make some nice saves at the net and then Bryan slams it down at the end.

The team on the left on the close court won the tournament. You can see they did a really good job of bumping, setting, and then hitting the ball.