2013 Oct 20 | vision screening, water balloon fight, Rebel Bingo

Hey, this car is parked in my spot.

That's weird, it looks like they have an official permit for the spot. I wonder how that happened?

Bought a new camera which is waterproof.

It has a pet mode.

Different modes for dogs and cats.

A little compass on the bottom shows you which direction you're facing.

This piece of food looked like a chicken with a beak and wings.

The ghetto Walmart in LA has TVs right by the entrance. They must be attached to the rail with pretty strong cables.

A local Goodwill put their black and orange shirts together for Halloween.

I had to make a bunch of copies and figured the self-service copiers would be more expensive. However, the cashier said they were actually cheaper. Which makes sense, since it's not using any of the workers' time, but often the self-help stuff is more expensive since you're paying for the convenience of instant service.

The Jeep would have made it up this super-steep ramp in a parking garage, but I'm sure the Prius would scrape if not get completely stuck.

A hole in an upper level of the parking garage all the way through the floor. That's a bit scary.

I keep an emergency pair of contacts in the car. I've had the sames ones for a few years as I haven't used them. Today, though, my contact was bothering me, so time to break them out. However, the packaging was really tough; I had to jam my thumbnail through to get it open.

And in doing so, I also cut through the contact with my thumbnail. Great.

The Prius has a camera in the back for when you reverse. It's really hard to judge distances and how close you are to the side, but at least you can line the edge of the car up with the curb to see exactly how far back you are.

Another vision screening sponsored by Jimmy Gomez, this time in northeast LA.

Lots of kids.

Checking near vision.

We had a big group this time.

Cute little girl.

Jimmy Gomez stopped by.

He didn't know his letters yet, so they drew shapes on a Post-It note.

A nice certificate.

Bomberman at a videogame party at my place.

Super Smash Bros.

In the living room.

Very close match.

Explaining the rules of the giant water balloon fight in a park.

Kendra, me, and Ogii ready to go.

And it begins.

We played capture the flag. Here the guy on the leg stilt thingies is bringing people out of jail.

Kendra is down.

Lots of dirt.

She's OK.

Ready for the next round.

And they're off!

Celebration time.

He got pretty close to the flag.

Bringing it back.

The stilt guy running.

Me going for the flag.

Dodging balloons.

I got it.

Didn't get it all the way across, but got it pretty far.

Ogii throwing a balloon at me.

A photography shoot nearby. We thought about going after them, but they might not be happy about that.

Final round.

Everyone going at once.

Bringing back the flag.

So close; both teams captured the flag at almost the same time.

One way to carry a lot of balloons.

Games over, but one last giant fight left.

Hiding behind a tree.

Just throwing balloons at everyone.

Water everywhere.

Kendra getting nailed.

And again.

Throwing water out of a bucket.

Kendra and I decided to get Jeremy with a cooler full of water.


And we're done.

Group photo.

Rebel Bingo hasn't been around in a while, but it was at 333 Live, the new club only a few blocks away from my place.

The funny fake complaints from old people.

Counting down.

We already have some marker on our faces.

Kat making faces.

Time to start.

One of the women drawing on Kendra's face.

Drawing on Kat.

Drinks and bingo cards.

We were right up by the stage in the lower-right side of the picture.

A view from the back.

The two bingo winners had to compete for the prize by putting the ball in the box using only their mouths.

Calling numbers.


With a bingo card.

Dancing with a player.

Outfit change.

Our group.

This round's prize was a bike.

They had to play Rock Paper Scissors for it.

Lindsay got a bingo!

And won the panda! Good thing we were right up in front or she would never have gotten up on the stage in time.


So happy.

With her prize.

Everyone dancing.