2013 Oct 27 | LABV, West LA VB

I love this credit card; shiny blue front and cool neon green strip on the side.

All that packaging for some tiny tool tips.

For removing rust rings from metallic foreign bodies in the cornea.

At U-Haul getting a box for our Halloween costume.

Ogii playing with the inflatable mallets.

Grabbing supplies at Michael's.

And Party City. Both were packed with people buying costumes, but I think it's way more fun to make your own.

At least the lined moved fast.

I'd love to get some candy, but I don't think the people behind me would appreciate waiting longer. Next time.

Painting the cardboard.

This new BMW beside my spot in the garage always parks across the line.

I had a patient whose new glasses weren't working up close. She sewed a lot and couldn't see the needle very well. Thankfully I had a little sewing kit in the car, so I ran out, grabbed it, and tested different lenses while she held a needle at her usual working distance until we found the ones that worked the best.

Needed some AA batteries but they were all out due to a sale.

Another store had the same problem, but at least they had some.

I was going to take some photos of a family by the pier in Huntington Beach, but it was really foggy out.

Still foggy down here.

The pictures weren't quite as nice as if it were clear, but I still think they came out OK.

Just the wife and the child.

Under the pier.

On some steps. It's hard working with infants because they rarely look at the camera and after this he started crying, so the photoshoot was over.

Time to play volleyball!

I like the lifeguard tower in the background.


Up for the hit.

I love when I get lucky on timing and the ball is compressing into their arms.

Big hitter.

Good form.


Good dig.

There were a lot of helicopters flying around today.


Both diving for the ball.

Perfect arm platform.

Going up for a big hit.


He had to run, but he got there.

Going up.

Well, he did touch it.

Hitting around the block.


The wifi on my phone is so annoying. Especially Time Warner, which will often not connect.

Google bought Waze, so Google Maps now displays accidents that Waze users report.

Although there was only one accident here that I saw; multiple people must have reported it from different spots.

Google Maps is pretty smart; it so take the exit and local roads, then get back on the highway after the accident.

Ooh, got a new high score on Jetpack Joyride. I haven't even gotten close in a long time.

Although there are pop-up ads in it now.

Wow, both players had the exact same full house. That's pretty rare.

I had the best cards on the last hand, but Max got lucky and made a straight.

The Teslas are so smoooth looking.

My new laptop has Windows 8, and it's utter crap. My old computer and my phone connect to my home network perfectly, but almost every day the new laptop will fail and I have to actually have to restart the modem to get the laptop to work with it.