2013 Nov 01 | Halloween, WestLA VB, David's birthday poker and bowling

Halloween costume is coming along nicely.

This was the worst part. I was making the top banner from 16 pieces, but it was really hard to line them up properly. I removed, re-printed, and re-glued over half the them.

The double-sided duct tape was better than rubber cement. It stuck more, so I couldn't adjust things after putting them on, but it held stronger.

I had to paint some of the top part green, too, which we hadn't done before, but thankfully with a couple of fans the paint dried in only a few minutes.

The online reviews of the blow-up hammers said the stoppers popped out and they lost air, so I hot glue gunned them shut.

I also bought these stick-on lights since the moles are wearing miner helmets.

Found fairly close parking; now just have to duct tape the top part up.

Went through a whole roll of duct tape, so hopefully it will stay.

The finished product.

Us in the costume. We met Kat, Kendra, and their friend there. I really like the lights on the hats; it added a lot.

A woman whacking away.

People seemed to really enjoy it.

Ogii hiding.

He even tried to hit her through the hole.

We ran into Marie Grace there.

One hammer deflated because someone popped it somehow, but we still had one other hammer. Good thing I brought two.

If people swung really hard, we'd just stay down in the holes.

With president Obama.

With Barbie and Ken in packages.

Even a shot with the police.

The officer taking a swing.

Some other cool costumes.

Mario Kart, fun.

The Price is Right games.

Clowns with balloons.

That's just gross.



A scissors and stained glass.

This one was amazing; a head on a table.

Big and shiny.

Sherwood Forest.

An actual band.

Scarecrow family.

Heart taker.

The dog in a costume, too.

These looked really clean.

This was one of my favorite costumes, picture take by someone else. A count of other costumes they saw.

Pretty impressive.

Us at the end.

The little glasses we wore scraped my nose a bit when people hit me. Oh well, overall a really fun costume.

A crazy hand of poker at David's. Straight vs full house vs better full house.

A lot of chips for me.

Ogii and I were second and first place.

Off to bowling for David's birthday.


Celebrating a good shot.

The group.

I like Marie Grace's hair in this shot.

Will was actually really good; he could curve the ball.

David celebrating a strike.

And another.

I broke 100.

Will was the winner.

Lindsay started out slow, but she came from behind to beat Patrick.

I guess the sale on bananas is really good.