2013 Nov 07 | Care Harbor, President's Council

That's an interesting license plate.

Asian something?

I love this place; the movies and hot dogs are so cheap.

Eating ramen with Max. We ordered medium-hot food but they brought us slightly-spicier stuff. My still wasn't quite so bad but he was pouring sweat.

The horizontal lines around "new" make it similar to the Top Gun movie logo.

Sometimes when I write sloppy notes to myself in bed I think I'll remember them in the morning and it's not worth my time re-writing them. At times I'm right, at times it takes me a few minutes to decipher it, and at times I never figure out what I wrote.

A mattress with a plastic hole so you can see what it looks like inside.

Someone is in my spot again, but only for a few hours.

I like buying stuff online because half of the time I forget I ordered it, so it's like a mini-Christmas when they come.

Weird set of stairs; I guess the levels didn't line up.

At the Small Business Expo.

I thought there might be some useful products or services, but I didn't see anything I needed.

Filming a movie at this restaurant.

It smelled really good and I was hungry for lunch, but they weren't going to be done for a few more hours.

I don't like parking in these cramped lots; even though the valet got my car out fine, I'm always worried they'll hit something.

Sand in the car from the beach. Can't live in LA without it, I guess.

The guy in front of me dropped his lemon slice on the counter. I figured he'd either leave it there or throw it away, but he picked it up and put it right into his drink like a real man.

Two possible routes to Monterey. It says the one that follows the coast takes a few minutes longer, but there aren't all the warnings / accidents and it doesn't go over the mountains, so I much prefer it.

I hate this area; it's so confusing which lane you need to be in.

I was going to drive up with the president elect, but she couldn't make it, which turned out OK because if I had waited for her I wouldn't have seen this beautiful sunset on the way.


Driving at night on Highway 1 near Monterey. Most speed limit warning signs you can go around 20mph over, but these seem to have less leeway and if you're wrong, you fly into the ocean.

It's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but the brights on the Prius are much, much brighter than the regular lights. I've never had a car that had nearly this big of a difference.

This is on bright. Again, hard to tell, but on the road it's a huge difference.

I went to Monterey for the President's Council for optometry.

The agenda.

A couple of things we discussed.

My notes on everything.

Hey, they're playing 80s songs on the oldies station. 80s are not oldies.

I got up early to watch the sunrise over Bixby Bridge. There was a little path down a ways that got you a better view, but you also risk falling into the ocean rocks below, which I don't think you'd survive.

A little cave to the right.

A beach, although nobody can get down to it.

The bridge.

Some birds in a field.

And even a deer.

Aw, they're out of small black shoe polish and I don't want to buy a large one.

A nice brunch.

I was singing along with songs on the drive back, but this is an instrumental, so I just hummed instead.

An open house at these new apartments, the Hesby.

Nice little area.

Hot dogs and burgers.

Another lounge area.

Live music.

Open bar.

Spot with a pool table.

View from one of the apartments.

They were nice but a bit small.

The cheese cake comes with crust mix, but I'm lazy and would rather just pie the pre-made crust.

The Prius has this little light.

It shines on the lower part of the instrument panel.

Not that helpful, though.

Sunday I went to Care Harbor, which was a huge free clinic for patients in the LA area. I was planning on getting there early and taking pictures, but as soon as I arrived they had me start seeing patients, so these pictures are by Michael Yanow and Sally Ryan.

There were lots of dentists out here.

And lots of patients.

Guy behind a phoropter.

Checking visual acuities.

Patients were able to pick out frames if they needed glasses.

Dentists getting ready.

Talking to patients.

Blood pressure.

Holding a patient's hand.

This is one of my favorite pictures; the lady is petting her dog while getting her teeth done.

Testing blood sugar.


A patient who is very grateful for the care she's getting.

Kid playing with a stethoscope.

Checking a patient's eyes.

Checking vision.

Checking near vision.

Helping a patient look at their new glasses.

Checking near vision again. There were lots of different types of equipment for the same thing rather than just one because they have to get the equipment as cheaply as they can.

Setting up a phoropter.

Checking pupils.

This is interesting. When I uploaded the pictures to Facebook, some of them automatically filled in the information. I've never see that before, so I wonder how it was done.

The "format" option is way too close to the "eject" option.

Windows 8 says I put in the wrong password approximately a quarter of the time. However, I know I'm typing it correctly almost every time, so I have no idea what's going on.

And the internet doesn't automatically connect a fair amount of the time as well. Horrible operating system.