2013 Nov 17 | North Hollywood health fair, Feria de Salud

Always feels nice to win a queen.

Making chicken marsala.

Ralph's got these new credit card readers. They look very sleek, but they're the buttons are pretty hard to push.

I can tell if someone has been eating my cereal by how the boxes are arranged.

All these little flowers smell really good.

My map for checking out some views.

This one is pretty nice, although the road is in pretty bad shape.

A little farther up.

End of the road.

Which I guess matches up with what Google Maps indicates.

Now I have to drive backwards down the road with a giant drop-off on one side because there's no room to turn around.

Christmas lights at the office are a bit tangled.

LA traffic and weather. They could just keep repeating "Pretty bad, pretty good" over and over.

As I was waiting in line to leave the garage at work, the person in front of me backed into me. Thankfully he was going pretty slowly, so I could just rub the scratches off. It also turned out to be the patient I had just seen, but I told him no worries, it's fine.

What a jerk parking job.

Wow, those are some crazy starting cards.

Four of a kind.

I was up pretty good.

I made it to the final table, but then I was the short stack when six total players were left. However, they went into some pots with each other while I just sat there not playing, they knocked each other out, and I got third place.

At the bowling alley with Ogii.

Friday was a vision screening in North Hollywood.

Some of the students have VA charts on their computers.

Explaining a patient's condition.

Checking a kid.

Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra, who sponsored the health fair, came by as well.

Lots of people right now.

Talking to a patient.

Me looking inside a patient's eye.

There were lots of other booths.

Food types at another table.

Face painting.


Looking in her eye.

Sunday was another health fair, this time our annual Feria de Salud.

Checking visual acuity.

Nice to see them happy.

Checking a mother.

Doctors checked the patients out at the end.

They had translators for us as well which was helpful because almost all of the patients only spoke Spanish.

There were three other doctors, so two went in the morning and two of us went in the afternoon.

Some volunteers who helped organize patients when they arrived.

Another booth checking feet.

Drawing blood.

Showing kids how to brush their teeth.

The dental students had funny outfits. A toothbrush.

A tooth fairy.


A tooth.

The check-in booth was pretty busy.

Dancers on the stage.

Lots of booths.

9:00 noon? Ah, they converted the time from 12 noon Eastern Time to Pacific Time.

91 in November; pretty nice.

Ogii showed me this poker game on Yahoo, Governor of Poker. You can win rewards for performing different actions, like getting a straight.

Snuck into second place.

Pretty lucky.

The game will say if you got a bad beat or got lucky.

It was pretty easy to beat the first town.

Then you go to another town, but it wouldn't load, so I couldn't continue the game.

You could play in another town using the menu...

... but the table doesn't load. And even if you beat the table, you still need to be able to get to the town to buy houses.

Busted 3 people.

There's a sequel, Governor of Poker 2, but it's also pretty easy.

It does have some upgrades, though, like showing the previous hand.

I better not lose this.

Bad luck.

Good luck.

If you win a lot of hands in a row you'll go on fire.

I thought I lost this hand because he hit his flush, but the board paired on the end so I made a full house.

The boss of the level, two brothers you play in the mine.

I don't know if it's that lucky. Two overcards vs a pair is pretty even, although since we both had the same hand, that does make it a bit luckier since we have cards the other person needs.