2013 Nov 24 | Hunting in SD at Thanksgiving, Quarter Poker

Some colorful trees.

Pretty windows on this church.

Some more.

Ogii and I picked up some buns at this woman's place. Feels kind of sketchy.

I wanted to cancel this order, and I read the easiest way is to refuse delivery; otherwise FedEx won't get the information from Amazon in time and I'll have to make a new mailing label to send it back. FedEx moved the package fast, though, so I barely made it before the package was out for delivery.

Ogii and I eating and playing Governor of Poker together.

A Mongolian restaurant's menu. "Just order me something with meat in it." Thankfully most Mongolian dishes have meat. The restuarant was also tiny and in the back of an unmarked building, so if Ogii didn't know where it was, we never would have found it.


It looks like this guy put these cones out to prevent people from parking in front of his house. Not legal at all.

Everyone got a piece of it.

I got first place and Kendra got second.

Really foggy in downtown.

Neat table top; cracked glass with a light underneath.

All these people stand in line for 10-15 minutes waiting to board. They had only called zone 1, but everyone in zone 2 and even 3 was already crowding around. In fact, they didn't even call zone 3 at all because everyone cheated and pushed on with zone 2. I guess you kind of have to do this if you have a large carry-on because there's not enough overhead space for everyone, so if you don't get there first there won't be any space left. However, it would be much easier to gate-check it or, what I do, just put everything into a backpack that fits under the seat. That way while all these people are standing there, I'm sitting in a chair reading and only get up when the line is almost done.

A Vikings cap and a John Deer cap. Yep, we're going to the Midwest.

Pretty packed flight but I'm next to an open middle seat; nice.

Neat clouds.

It's pretty cold in the living room.

Tons of clothes for winter weather.

Hunting with Dad and Mom.

Dad rolling under the barbed wire fence.

I shot two pheasants 10 seconds into the hunt.

Us with the birds.

Rabbit tracks in the snow.

A spent shell.

Sunset reflected in the window.

Dad looking for deer with the binoculars.

Sunset with trees.

It's pretty cold outside.

In the middle of the lake where the two freezing sides met.

Looking through the binoculars at some deer peering out of a cornfield.

I didn't even see a barbed-wire fence hidden in the weeds as I was running after some birds. It tore my snowpants from thigh to knee. Thankfully that wasn't my leg.

Lots of presents.

Hunting with Justin, Melanie, and Dad.

A milkweed.

Pretty sunset.

Along the railroad tracks.

Justin, Melanie, and Holly playing Uno.

Good poker hand.

Lots of food.

Eating dinner.

Opening presents.

The boys with their shorts.

Mick and Holly with Blumers Orange Cream.

More presents.

Governor of Poker was fun, but it was only against the computer. The other Yahoo poker games are against people, but people just play crazily there, so it's no fun. I found this site called Quarter Poker, though, which is against competitive, real people. The idea is they give you a quarter every day to buy into a tournament. If you win, you keep the money, like $0.40 to $1.20. If you lose, you can't play again for 24 hours, when they give you a quarter again. However, you can't cash out until you have $50, and it's a pretty new site, so nobody is very close to that.

Pretty crazy hand. Two pair vs higher two pair, but he makes a full house in the end.

Sometimes it pays to play 2-7.

And he does it again just a few hands later, crazy.

I lost the first few times I played, but then I got second place to win $0.60.

You can see how the last hand played out, but there's almost too much information. I wish you could simplify it somehow.

Got really lucky here.

The J on the river made me a straight and a flush.

That's a scary board.

AA vs AA.

Good flop for 2-7, but I'll be happy with just a 7.

Aw, I would have made a full house. But you can't think like that or you'd play everything.

Four people in this hand at the end, you don't see that very often.

Quad aces, wow.

I won this one.

And another one.

Amazon had some Black Friday deals, but they didn't become available until a certain time.

They also sold out in about 5 seconds, so you had to be fast if you wanted one. Also, as they didn't show the price before they went on sale, you really didn't have time to decide if it was enough of a discount or not. A 40% discount is really good, though.

I had all these Restaurant.com coupons from Houston that I guess I didn't use and the restaurants are either no longer in business or not with Restaurant.com any more. Restaurant.com emailed me about them and let me switch them to other restaurants in LA; that's really nice.

I'm always looking at getting a little portable wifi hotspot for internet, but they either are extremely expensive if you use more than only a few GB or say they're unlimited but throttle your speed above a 10GB or so, making the internet so slow it's almost useless. Unfortunately I use more than double that most of the time, so none work for me.

Since none of the wifi options work for me, I decided to look into getting another deal through Time Warner. Initially I had it for around $35 or so, but since the special wore off, it's around $65. Looking at their plans, I'm getting screwed; I'm paying the same price as their best plan for speeds slower than their cheapest plan. I switched to the Turbo plan online, but they called me and said I couldn't get the special because I'm an existing customer. I kept talking, and they said I could get the faster speed but not the lower price. Finally they gave in and said I could have the Turbo for $45. Such a pain in the butt to get to that, though.