2013 Dec 08 | Bootie LA, LACOS CE seminar, Wacko, Quarter Poker

A pregnancy test for $1 at the Dollar Store? I guess it's supposed to be just as good as the more expensive ones, but I'd still be pretty wary.

A mammoth vs a sabre-tooth tiger on a wind vane.

Finally found some Advent calendars.

Linda had her birthday party at Bootie LA at Echoplex, a little club close to my place.

Everyone was in Christmas attire and they were handing out candy canes.

They had crazy dancers; this was a chef who went around high-fiving people with his cutting board.

A dancer with Christmas lights on her.

Linda and some friends.

More interesting dancers.

A midget and a guy in underwear and a Superman cape.

We were right up in front.

I went to Wacko, a store with a bunch of random stuff.


Butterflies and beetles.

Lots of skulls here.

That's fun.

Ice cubes in different shapes.

The drumstick pencils are really cool.

There was a gallery in the back as well.

A painted animal skull.

With a scene inside.

More art.

Some down this hall.

That's pretty well done.

A viewing room in the back.

Tarantulas and bats and turtles.

Brains and hearts of different animals.

Deer legs and various skulls.

A necklace with what looks like those ancient sea creatures.

A shiny one.

I haven't seen Astro Pops in forever. I think they were pretty nasty, actually.

LACOS had our CE seminar on Sunday. Bob checking in an attendee.

Talking to the sponsors.

Demonstrating one of the machines they brought.

And another one.

Going over a brochure.

These doctors were sponsors, but they said they were interested in speaking at the next event, so we might have them do that, too.

The lecture room.

Barry asking questions during his talk.

Dr. Tannenbaum.

Dr. Berg.

Vivian also gave a lecture on scleral lenses.

Dr. Rogoway talking about ICD-10.

Raffle prizes from the sponsors.

She won a gift basket.

Another winner.

A gift card.

The big prize of the day, an iPad mini.

I was thinking of playing volleyball, but it was 55 and rainy, so nope.

I was in trouble. He had KK and the other guy had one of the aces I needed, but I got lucky.

A9 is a decent hand, maybe worth staying in to see a flop, and it certainly would have paid off here.

Yeah, I won! Not real money unless you win a bunch, and then it's only like $50, but still fun.

I would have actually won this with my 10 of diamonds, but 10-6 offsuit is horrible against 3 players.

A5, OK, maybe worth staying, would have had a full house here.

Didn't get a picture of the table, but at the second-to-last line, you can see they guy made a royal flush.

And I won again.

He had me crushed with three 5s on the flop, but I got super lucky and caught runner-runner kings. I also the flush draw, though.

Would have flopped four of a kind.

And won again.

Flopped the nut flush.

Flopped a full house.

You can also play multiple tables at the same time, although it's harder. As you can see in the upper-right, I had AK on both tables at the same time, crazy.

Aw, would have flopped four of a kind. But again, Q2 is a pretty bad hand to play.

I had everyone beat until the guy in the top-right flopped two pair.

However, he didn't have much money, so I got the rest of the sidepot.

Aw man, I would have made a lot of money on this one, but they raised enough before the flop that they pushed me out.

And sometimes other other guy gets lucky. However, I still got second and won some, so still nice.