2007 Oct 07 | selling on Craigslist

I love buying things on Craigslist, but selling things is horrific. When I post something for sale, at least 80% of the people who email me saying they are interested never contact me back when I ask them when they want to come and get it. This is even if they ask me to call them right away because they are in desparate need of whatever I'm selling. And then you have things like this. It's $10, lady; you can't possibly be so poor that $5 will make a difference.

A short, simple sticker with a great message.

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to just jam a stick with an ad on it into the sidewalk. The cops should call the number and show up at the seminar.

This guy's keys somehow jingled at the resonance frequency of my skull, so whenever he walked my whole head rang. It was quite interesting.

We were supposed to bring a square 12-pack box to class one day. Well, they don't sell them anymore; everything is the long fridge-sized ones. I had to buy the 8-pack bottles to get a square.

These strings go around the bottom of some of my shorts. Do they have a use? Why would you ever want to make the bottom of your shorts tight? I just pulled them out.

On the way to school, the sun can occasionally be at the exact same angle as the traffic lights, which it really annoying.

A sign on the back of a big truck carrying gravel or something. I wonder if having a warning sign like that makes them immune to losing a lawsuit or not.

Monopoly at McDonald's is back. I can never remember which are the rare pieces, so I haul them all back home just in case. I really don't want to throw away one of the pieces and find out it was the rare one of the three I get home. The only other thing I ever win are free breakfasts or free fries, which I never use since I never eat breakfast there and I always order the meals that come with fries.

Every single person in Burger King during lunch had a coupon of some sort, and they were also using them to get five burgers or whatever from each coupon. However, they all kept trying to get things with the coupons that they weren't good for, so the cashier had to explain exactly what they could get.

Ron Paul is absolutely huge on the internet, but I'm not sure if the average American is even aware of him.

Just your usual local pet store / used book store.