2013 Dec 29 | Christmas with Ogii, Pacific Palisades diving birds

The plastic bag ban in the big grocery stores in LA is almost in effect.

A lot of birds on the telephone wires.

Be infinite.

That's a lot of different languages.

Ogii's starter died, so she got through a few days until she could get it in by banging it with a hammer.

Women's running shoes are so blindingly colorful nowadays.

I keep this mini umbrella in my backpack. Haven't used it in years, but today it was raining a bit on my walk home from work, so it came in useful.

Paul Walker died less than a week ago; they put that on fast.

This was a great book. I had a lot of questions about Access that I thought I'd have to Google, but this book answered every single one and gave me a lot of other ideas.

Christmas card from Ogii.

On Christmas we took the little tree Ogii gave me for my office to the beach to be with some palm trees.

My presents for her, including a hair dryer and fish-shaped ice cubes.

Her presents for me, including a cashmere sweater and a camera tripod.

These were cool; they're soap you put in a bath that look like roses.

She made a German pancake this morning. Not only did it look goofy, it tasted pretty bad, even after drowning it in syrup and jelly. Oh well, still fun to try.

We watched the UFC fight in this bar. It was super-crowded but we managed to find a free chair.

At a Pacific Palisades beach near Malibu. This bird was trying to get food out of the bag, but the people were smart and had put the food in plastic containers.

Ogii on a wooden outcropping.

At the end of it.

And looking through.

Birds with babies.

The birds would dive down into the water to get fish.

Close to the water and going in.

Then all these little birds would follow the big one. Maybe the big bird pushed other fish up?

There were a ton of birds out there, all diving for fish.

This guy was slowly making his way up this path.

Ogii on a rock in the water.

This bird got a piece of watermelon and fought off the other birds for it.

A bird diving by the sunset.

Still a lot of birds.

Looking through the structure at a diving bird.

Me taking pictures.

A footprint in the sand.

ALl of the little red octopus icons are things on my to-do list. Busy, busy.

LAX has slow wifi for free if you watch an ad or faster wifi if you pay for it.

That's a nice flop.

My AA held up. Thankfully nobody had a flush.

Why would you stay in with 37? It worked out, though, because he hit is 3 on the turn.

BetaBlox the bot will pretty much always call with a pair. On the flop, that means he either has an A, a 4, a 2, or his own pair. The only one I can beat is a 2, but that's what he had.

Everyone has two pairs.

Scary, if either one catches a card to make a pair I lose.

And I catch another A just to make sure.

77773 on the board, crazy.

Almost again. Good time to have 27.

The K on the turn gave me 3 of a kind, but it also gave him a reason to stay in to try to catch a flush, which he did.

Two players catch their A but the smaller hand gets a flush.

Bigger two pair vs smaller two pair flips when one of the two remaining 5s in the deck that he can catch to win shows up on the turn.

Pretty horrible flop for the 9T and a pretty wonderful flop for the AT.

Aw man. We both have four of a kind, and if any card other than an A comes I win because I have the highest kicker, but because of the A on the turn we both play the board and split the pot. At first I was happy I hit the A, but with the river 4 I went from winning to splitting.

It's a little warmer in LA than Fargo right now.