2014 Jan 05 | New Year's Eve, WestLA VB, Paul & Crystal engagement party

The official pictures from Bootie LA. One thing I hate about club photographers is sometimes it takes them over a month to get pictures up, way too long.

The photo booth.

Fallen tree blocking a lane.

Angry Birds on a semi.

Don't turn in front of the train. Even if the signal is green, I'll still make sure the train is really going to stop before I start turning.

We made deer sausage and pheasant for dinner.

Pheasant heart.

Watch out for the pellets.

The four of us on the way to Hollywood for New Year's Eve.

We bought a package of four bars / clubs to go to. This was one of them, funny name.

Bathroom sign.

Redneck wall painting.

The bartender was smart; he pre-iced a bunch of glasses so he just had to throw the alcohol and mixers in them.

Shots of Fireball Whiskey, which tastes like a cinnamon candy.

The bartender kicking some girl out.

Happy New Year!


The best part of any group photo in a bar is the people in the background.

Uh oh, someone spilled on my shirt. Don't want it to go to waste.

Kiss time.

Lots of drinks.

Having fun.

Ogii's dress threw reflections everywhere.

The four of us.

A view from above at another club.

Cops outside to make sure everyone is safe.

Poor girl in the subway had a little too much to drink.

As did the guy throwing up in the trash and the crazy guy looking at the camera.

Kendra washing her shirt on this guy's washboard abs.

A random shoe in the subway.

Outside the subway station.

On the way back to my apartment.

I got my rebate check for my Prius from the state of California.

Another videogame party. This couple brought their bikes and didn't want to lock them up outside or in the garage, but they fit over in this corner.

In the living room.

In the kitchen.

Twisted Metal in the bedroom.

Super Smash Bros.

It got a little crowded but not too bad.

Ogii kicking butt at Twisted Metal.

Uh oh, this car got glitched into the wall. Have to reset the system.

Tekken 3, one on one. I think this was my favorite game of the night.

Living room again.

And the kitchen, still going strong on Super Smash Bros.

More Tekken 3. A few of us switched out the loser position, just like in the arcade.

West LA volleyball on Saturday.

David reaching.

And going low.

Stretched-out dig.

Eye on the ball for the serve.

Running and reaching.

Hitting it over the downed player.

Big serve.

Sliding dig.

Going up.

Good bump.

Punching it over.


Over the net.


Yummy food at Paul and Crystal's engagement party.

Cute idea.

Writing thoughts on how to have a happy marriage.


Crystal talking to the flower girl.

I took pictures in the photobooth for them. The couple goes first.

Some friends from volleyball.

This was a neat idea I hadn't seen before: whiteboard cut into shapes that you could write with dry-erase markers on.

The best use of the whiteboard idea: Are you sure?

Just kidding.

We approve. Their facial expressions are great in all three pictures, too.

Ogii and me.

This one was fun, too.

The Batman mask gave him an idea.


A card.

I'm pretty sure that's not where my computer is, although I guess my IP address could be routed through Kansas.

A new best in Jetpack Joyride thanks to the SAM suit.

Bad coding. This pop-up note is at the bottom of the screen, but you can't scroll to read it and it cuts off at the bottom.