2014 Feb 09 | Santa Anita horse races, Super Bowl on yacht, Tru nightclub

Dumb bus driver is turning left but didn't move over far enough for me to fit to the right to turn right.

Cop in the fast lane; guess we won't be going faster than him. Thankfully they usually go pretty fast.

Two license plates, US and Mexico.

A puck lover, the LA Kings, the LA hockey team.

One of the only other Prius Plug-Ins I've seen. His electric charge cover is open.

Dark and bright clouds.

Huge variety in ethnic restaurants in this mini mall.

Cool tail lights.

We went to Santa Anita park to watch the horse races with Ogii's father. Gotta go through gate 13 for good luck.

Watching the horses and jockeys before the race. We ran into a guy who knew a Selby, SD postmaster (Carol Door, I think he said) here. Small world. He won $150 on $1 bet with a pick three, pretty nice.

The start of the race.

There they go.

Cheering for our horses.

Somebody was pretty mad they didn't win.

Horse-shaped bush.

Mountains and palm trees.

Please no odd-numbered horses.

I picked horse 4; he's in dead last.

Neck and neck.

Ogii's horse wins!

Looking at the moon in Santa Monica.

From behind.

Zoomed in.

A little art show.

That's a cool sculpture.

Another videogame party.

Mario Kart.

The women playing Tekken 3.

In the kitchen.

Super Smash Bros.

You Don't Know Jack.

Mortal Kombat II on the SNES.

I remember some of the moves; gotta look the others up on my phone.

Intense match.

It's pretty packed, but everyone fit.

Having fun.

Beating the entire game of Knights of the Round.

Good times.

So close.

I got these air wicks for the office. They smell pretty good, like cooking.

If someone sits in the back, the seat belt usually is twisted when they get out. I can't stand that; I have to go and flip it flat.

Appropriate license plate for a Tesla.

We went to Marina del Rey to watch the Super Bowl on a yacht.

Fun houseboats.

Pirate flags.

Fitting color.

Lots of birds on the shore.

I've never seen a swing like that before.

Projector set up in back.

TV in front.

And another one outside.

Nice view.

Lots of chairs.

Watching the game.

It got a bit cold; pretty soon it was just four of us outside with blankets.

Down inside to watch the end of the game.

Aw, I almost had 313. I think I actually might have butted in front of a guy, too, although he was standing pretty far back and looked like he was waiting to get his food. Instant karma.

The cord on my phone charger is fraying.

All the random alcohol in my fridge left over from various parties.

We were playing a $40 poker tourmanent at the Bicycle casino when a friend called and said she could get us free bottle service at Tru nightclub. We figured we'd be out of the tournament way before then, so I said we'd go. However, I was doing pretty well a few hours later. Around 9:30pm, there were only 100 players left, I was still in it, and they paid around $200 to places 20-35. I figured if I could get a big stack in the next 30 minutes I'd stay and try to make the higher money, and if not, the $200 for those places was worth about the same as bottle service at club which would be more fun, so I'd play pretty aggressively. I raised and won the blinds and antes a few times, then raised with 44. A guy went all-in, I called, he had 10-10, and he won. A few hands later I had AJ, raised, another guy called, the flop was Qxx, he went all-in, and I figured if I lost, we could go clubbing, so I called, he had a Q, and he won. So off to the club!

Drink faster.


We had the table in the upper area all to ourselves, which was pretty cool.

Sobriety test in the stairs of the parking garage. You pass.

They're re-painting the parking lines in the apartment garage.

Most pleasant weather in the US.

LA is number one, although I don't think he included Hawaii, which I'm guessing would win.

The trees drop tons of these little spiky balls.

I love the smell of fresh-cut wood. I think I'll leave these in the car for a while just so it permeates the air.

Mongolian New Year dinner.

Had a little bump on my neck, scratched it, and whoah did it bleed.

Pretty much done with this game. I got the mid-level item set and then even the high-level one.

Stupid Windows 8 making these Thumbs.db files in every folder so you can't delete them. Even with all the different instructions online I still can't get rid of them. Infuriating.

Oh, great, a new Windows 8 update that puts additional icons I don't want on the task bar. At least I can delete them.

We signed up to play Live at the Bike, where they have two announcers talk about your hands as you play. I watched a few previous shows to get an idea of what hands and when people won, although those were bigger games, so it might not apply to ours.