2014 Feb 16 | Lucha VaVoom, VG party, LB and SM VB, tubing at Mt Baldy

Yummy pre-Valentine's Day dinner.

Ogii: "Are you sure this isn't expired?" Me: "Of course not. The expiration date is, uh, December 2nd, 2014."

Ogii: "OK, then what about this?" Me: "2019 March 12th? OK, maybe those aren't expiration dates."

Then we went to Lucha VaVoom, a Mexican luchadore wrestling event held at the Mayan.

The intro.

The matches were 2 vs 2.

This guy rubbed a t-shirt on his butt and wiped it on the other guy's face.

Everyone loved the fighting chickens.

Over-the-shoulder throw.

Double power bombs.

Between matches they had women do shows.

Ogii with one of the wrestlers.

Another show.

Jump kick from the turnbuckle.

Another show.

Accidents everywhere.

However, partway there, Google Maps say a faster route was found and re-routed us. I'd never seen it do that before; if you wanted a faster route, you had to restart the whole thing.

The last time we were here Ogii went to Ross to get a dress. She went to the one 15 minutes to the west, even though there was one literally less than a block away. I guess her maps didn't show the close one.

For Valentine's Day we went to the Bicycle Casino and played in Live at the Bike, where they record you and have two commentators talk about your play. It's a good way to figure out what you do right and wrong. This was the cheapest one they have, $1/$3 blinds and around $100 buy-in, and I don't think they'll do those any more. I'm sure not playing in the $5/$10 blinds and $1000 buy-in level or even higher. It was fun. I lost everything when I had KK and a guy hit his straight, Ogii lost everything when the board was KKK, she had JJ, and her opponent had QQ, and then I came back a lot with two winning hands and she came up some with a few others. I found out I called, called a raise, and the folded too often. Ogii, on the other hand, tends to bet too small.

I hate these things.

The blimp at it's home near the 405 and the 101 intersection.

I'm so loved.

Their covertible was really slow, though.

Lines of palm trees.

A videogame party at Steve's in Agora Hills. Mostly newer systems like the Wii.

An arcade-setup of a shooter.

A room with a lot of different arcade games.

Lots of food.

I brought my N64 and people enjoyed playing it, too.

Ogii and I playing.

Some new FPS.

You could take a picture of yourself and make it funny.


Ogii playing one of the Japanese games with lots of metal balls.

Birthday cake.

More pinball.

Ooh, one of the bar games.

Find-the-difference games, naughty version.

First place; I kick butt at those.

A simplified chess game.

I remember this from the newspaper as a kid.

We won!

Back into the main room.

On Saturday we went up to Big Bear to go tubing.

Not a lot of snow, though.

There was at least a little for the tubing.

Didn't need a full snow getup, though.

You tubed down and then hiked back up.

They were pretty short, though.

They had a couple of different runs.

Kat and Kendra coming up while I went down.

Ogii taking off.

Haha, it looks like they're fighting.

At least nobody fell off the tube.

Very pretty balcony to eat lunch.

A view of the valley.

Kendra with the baby.

And Ogii.

Back down the lift.

Trash cans that look like tree stumps.

Interesting nuts.

This big tree was in the middle of the road.

I believe it's actually a law that you have to pull over if you have more than five cars behind you.

A couple of Jeeps behind us.

The Prius has an engine braking mode so you don't have to ride the break the entire way down. It also builds up electric battery as it goes down, so by the time we got to the bottom, we had over 10 miles of charge built up.

There were some amazing houses around the bottom of the mountain.


Not quite as old.


Another huge one.

And another.

Lots of plants.

Nice little sculpture by the fruit tree.

Pretty landscaping.

Lots of brick.

Another big one.

Touchflirt7794 wants to chat? Yeah, that's totally spam.

Dumb Google Maps won't show the road names to either side of Alta Ave.

Even if I zoom way in.

Too much stuff to carry for a full day of events.

Me: "Hold the wheel while I eat." Ogii: "No way." Me: "What, your parents never made you do that? Ours always did."

Volleyball on Saturday down in Long Beach.

Going up for a hit.

We thought Ogii might be able to play, but they were all way better than her skill level.

Great dig.

Then we headed to Santa Monica for more volleyball. The blimp was flying around there.

Me going up for a hit.

Waiting for it off the net.

Big dive.

Power hit.

Supposed to use two hands.

Sideways dive.

Nice bump.

Long reach.

Over the net.

Everyone watching the ball.

Hit and block.

Funny bicycles.

Slow day at the office, so I put all these contacts in order. Before they were just jumbled in everywhere.

I wonder how long it'd take for me to realize my iPod is on repeat rather than random? If it played two songs in a row, I'd be pretty suspicious, if it played three, I'd be pretty sure something was up. Then again, that'd never happen on random, anyway, because when you select random, the iPod randomly orders all of the songs in a playlist and plays them all in order, so you won't hear one a second time until you go through them all, rather than randomly picking a song when one is done.

Funkly little bar.

I liked their bathroom.

Eating at Tommy's afterwards.

That's way too expensive, especially considering the normal-sized strawberries are $3.

They put some of the bird stencils upside-down.

My neighbor put the Jackson Five with "ABC" above their door number.

Ogii: "That's gonna melt if you put the hot oil back in there." Me: "Nah... oops, you were right."

Ogii's odometer, lots of 7s.

Oh yeah, Sprint will give me $5 for my old phone. What a great deal.

Not much snow means most of the ski runs are closed.