2014 Feb 23 | whale watching with Ogii's father, Table Top Racing

I love the sound of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

This guy is carrying a ton of cans and bottles in bags on his bike.

These people were looking for each other. Maybe if you'd get off your phones and look up for two seconds you'd see each other.

A lot of people have "garage sales" every weekend, which I'm sure is annoying for the neighbors. Legally you need a permit if you have six or more, but I'd never seen it been enforced, although I'd assume that's what the cops are doing here.

A street car down in San Pedro.

A cheap motel built into what looks like a very nice building with stained-glass windows.

Ogii's father, she, and I went whale watching.

Tons of containers on that ship.

Some sea lions were swimming around the docks.

A new ship.

Some old ones.

A very rusty, industrial-looking building.

The harbor had a bunch of palm trees.

Ogii and her father.

A boat with a ton of wheels on it.

The lighthouse.

A bird watching us go by.

The blimp was down there as well.

Another whale-watching boat.

A gray whale.

Another one.

And a tail.

Looking for whales.

A seagull that was following us for food.

I'm not sure I approve of the emergency fuel shutoff being in the men's bathroom; what if someone locks the door and they can't get it? Also not a fan of the wide-open window that's right at eye level for anybody walking by on the outside.

A giant cruise ship.

The blimp again, this time with a helicopter, too.

I thought it'd be a cool picture to get the sun going through the top of the lighthouse, but the sun was a little too far down.

I think Ogii's picture actually came out better; there's more atmosphere to it.

And she did it on the iPhone vs my DSLR.

What happens when you use a cheap mixer with a "low" setting of 9.8/10.

I love Lordi, the Finnish heavy metal band, but hate Lorde, the boring New Zealand singer. I saw this on the radio and got all excited until I realized it was the other one.

That sounds cool.

Don't drop the camera, don't drop the camera, don't drop the camera.

These two cars were parked in the "ATM only" spots but were nowhere to be found; maddening.

"Our" volleyball courts were covered with college girls practicing. Thankfully they left after a few hours.

Ogii put together a jigsaw pizzle.

But the last few pieces didn't fit, and if you look at the others, it looks like she forced some of them.

Frying fish.

Everybody's charging for online news now. At least New Republic lets you know how many more free articles you get.

Stupid Windows 8. The printer is not offline.

Did that, it didn't work.

Still not working.

Can't find it on the network.

It says it's working properly, but it's still not printing. I finally decide to uninstall and reinstall the driver, but once I uninstalled it, before I even reinstalled it, it started working again. Windows 8 is horrible.

QQ is a pretty good starting hand, but against two other players, someone is likely to catch something.

I prefer when I hit quads.

Or simply having nobody making even a pair when I have the high card. You don't see this very often.

Table Top Racing, a new game on my phone. It's like Mario Kart where you can drive around and shoot other players.

Although some races you don't get weapons. I guess it adds variety, but I'd rather have weapons every time.

If you get first place in the championship race...

... you unlock a new car.

I don't mind purchasing a few things in-game to help out the developers, I think they should make a little money for their efforts, but I don't like games that are so hard you're basically required to pay money in-game. Dungeon Keeper recently got killed at all the review sites for being impossible to play without paying for items.

There are also some shortcuts, like ramping over these sandwiches.

And going around and through these items.

You can buy different wheels.

Although I think the only ones that help you win races are the jumping ones, which let you take shortcuts you couldn't otherwise make.

Like this one.

Somebody altered the listing of fighters for UFC 173 on Wikipedia.

YouTube started with a big set of thumbnailed videos that included every video made by the channel. Then they shorted that to where they only showed the newest 20 or so with thumbnails. Now they've shrinked it even more into a single line of videos. When you get through 20 or so, you can click and get the groups of 20 again, but they keep making it harder and harder to browse through older videos.

I'm not going to pay $26 to ship a ticket by FedEx when I can print it out for free. What's the ticket made out of anyway that could possibly cost $26, lead?

When I search for the hotel I'll be staying in, Google brings up that I have a reservation there. How does Google know that? It's not on my Google Calendar, so maybe Google read through my emails and pulled it out? Helpful, but scary.