2014 Mar 02 | skiing with Kat and Kendra at Bear Mountain

1010 Wilshire put up this new electronic billboard. It's not that big, but it's super bright, and it's hidden behind another building until you drive by that one, so it's blinding at night.

It was cold and rainy in LA this weekend...

... and it covered a pretty big area. So we decided to go skiing at Bear Mountain instead, where the extra precipitation would make the runs even better. In fact, most of the runs were closed until this weekend.

We had to take the back road, though, 38, because they had closed the other road, 18.

We had rented an SUV just in case the roads were bad. When you were in reverse, it would predict your path based on how your tires were turned and display it on the camera. Pretty neat.

We had to stop and grab tire chains.

Double-checking that they're the right size.

It was a bit of a slow drive, but thankfully these guys all pulled over to let us pass.

There wasn't much rain or snow until we got a fair ways up the mountain.

Then we ran into the snow.

You were required to put on chains here unless you had snow tires.

Snowy stop sign.

Kat and Kendra putting on the chains.

Ogii on this side.

They're actually pretty easy and fast to do nowadays.

Even the snow plow has chains.

Although as you can see, the roads were pretty clear. I don't think we really needed chains at all.

A house with its own observatory and electric panels.

A few places were closed.

Not the ski slopes, though!

We had some beginners in our group, including Ogii. A little tangled here.

I guess running into a bush at 1mph is better than running into a tree at 30mph.

Doing a little better.

Nicole hitching a ride on Kendra.

Ogii is down again.

It started to snow a bit here.

Even more snow.

From the side.


From above.

Acting like I'm going to run into the tree.

Just kidding.

It took us a couple of hours to get down the first run, but we did it. Ogii wanted to take a break after that, so Kat, Kendra, and I went on a few runs.

Kat near the edge.

Kendra on the other side.

Pretty view with the mountains and clouds in the back.

Kat and Kendra.

On the slopes.

These guys put alcohol in a sunscreen tube. Pretty smart, although I'd be worried about getting all of the sunscreen out.

All of this guy's season passes at the mountain.

Pretty view with trees on the ride home.

Aw, my camera slid off my desk, cracked open, and doesn't work any more.

I'm trying to get $10 bills in change for the office. However, everyone gives me multiple $5s instead.

This isn't much for most people, but if you're homeless, it would probably be a good deal.

This gum from Walmart is for a charity.

It gives food to needy people.

It even has a "good deed card" on the back.

My Prius knows when it needs an oil change.

They put these notices up whenever they're going to be filming a TV or movie. The first few times it's neat; after that you're just annoyed about all the parking they take up.

McDonald's fryers are down? How can they cook anything?

Almost drank the ketchup. Definitely should move these two farther apart.

The L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition.

Elevators to lift your car up. But what if you want to leave before the person below you? Maybe an attendant takes all the keys.

A lottery for tickets, but even then you still have to pay for them; they're not free.

Various shows at the Pantages theater.

I checked out the Museum of Death while getting an oil change since it's right across from the dealership.

You'll see the front while driving down the road.

There's a two-headed turtle in the lobby. Otherwise it's mostly just newspaper clippings of various mass murderers; nothing that great and you can read all of that online.

The dealership was pretty lazy with cleaning my car.

Rainy on the way to work.

The big vertical stripes were used for the I's in their window painting.

Wow, this stuff sets hard; I couldn't even budge the penny stuck in it.

"Thanks for getting us all chips, Jonovan!" "Ah, these are all for me, but I guess you can have some."