2014 Mar 11 | Kat's birthday at The Abbey, Gun Bros 2

If you Google AT&T internet in Los Angeles, the first results are ads for $19.95 per month.

However, when you go to their site, you can't even find that internet-only price.

And one link that was for the internet was completely blank.

Dark clouds over downtown.

A new building is being built. I wonder why they built five levels of stairs before even 1 level of building?

There are these electric chargers scattered around. However, you have to pay for them. They cost $1 per hour, which comes out to $0.15 per mile. Gas costs $0.085 in the Prius, so they're twice as expensive as gas.

Wonder Woman.

Sunset over some mountains.

And another shot going around the bend.

Pretty remaining sunlight with the mountains.

Even with heavy traffic on the highways, it's usually faster to stay on them than take side streets because they stop lights slow you down so much. In this case, though, the side streets were faster.

The tram up to the Getty Center.

That's a fun logo.

I downloaded Gun Bros 2 for my phone. The first Gun Bros was pretty fun, although it got pretty much impossible in later levels unless you paid real money for better equipment.

One addition is a tank that shows up on occasion, although it only lasts a few seconds.

The biggest gameplay change is barriers. Enemies either have a red or blue barrier around them, so you have to have one weapon against each color. On one hand, it's kind of a neat idea, keeping you active while playing, but on the other, it makes you progress twice as slowly because you always need at least two equally-powered guns.

I like the humor in the game.

You can also pick up chests with items, experience, or xplodium in them.

Unfortunately most of the items are pretty crappy and you often get the same ones over and over.

There are collections with bonuses if you wear all the items...

... but since you'll occasionally pick up one random item that is way better than all of the collection bonuses, I never use them.

You can also add mods to your guns, which is pretty cool. They have cooldowns, though, so you can't use them continuously.

These enemies are annoying. They can have lasers shot at you from above while they're anywhere on the map. At least it shows an arrow to indicate where they are.

There are different levels of chests, with only the gold ones giving the best items.

A complete set.

This is as far as I got in the game. After that, it was just too hard to level up without paying real money for items.

Ogii's meatloaf.

The kids tend to really tear up my magazines at the office. It seems like the children on Medicaid on the whole behave more poorly and are more likely to ruin these and leave trash everywhere.

There was some mold in the office after the big rain. Gonna have to get that fixed.

I'm reading a book on cold war spies. It's a little dry, but it has references at the end of each entry, so that makes it easy to find other books that are more interesting.

I liked this entry; the spy was very incompetent.

Waiting in line for a free movie screening.

The line even wrapped around the corner. Unfortunately we didn't quite get in to see the movie; we were within the next four people in, but it was full. We got tickets to any other movie instead and decided to check out Stalingrad. It ended up being a great idea because the movie was made in Russian and has the Germans speaking German with both languages subtitled in English, so Ogii could practice her Russian and I could practice my German.

The inside-bottom of my tie started coming apart, but that's why I have a travel sewing kit in my car.

This is a weird assortment of food from a pizza buffet. I think the one stick is just a way to get the M&Ms into your mouth. One very obese woman was getting a salad, and I felt proud of her for that, until she dumped fifteen chicken nuggets on top of it.

The mold is worse. A guy is supposed to be coming to clean it up.

The new washsers have this area that can literally eat your clothing. What a bad design.

Ogii nibbled on her apple like a rabbit; her dad sliced a big chunk of with a knife. Pretty stereotypical actions.

Ice shot glass molds from the thrift store.

At $3, might as well give them a try.

This huge box was sent...

... and ended up only having some coupons inside. They couldn't have shipped them in a large envelope?

At 6:58, all of the parking spots are wide open. At 7:02, every single spot is taken.

At The Boiling Crab for Kat's birthday, with a 2+ hour wait.

Happy shark.


Ogii giving it a try.

Our group.

Some big crab legs.

Ogii going to work on them.


After that we went to The Abbey nightclub.

They had some pretty acrobatic dancers.

This guy was up on the bar.

And these guys were in the rafters.

This guy had a woman hold onto his waist while he did pull-ups.

Hanging from the rafters.

The dancers accepted tips.

There was only one female dancer.

Ogii needs to catch up.

There she goes.

Our group there.

With some random guy/gal.

Out in the patio area.

Hmm... I wonder why this box of crackers has weird sparkly tape on top?

Ah, it's actually candy the parents gave me for a previous birthday or Christmas.

Excellent assortment.

We ran to this grocery store before poker at Aelred's for some snacks to bring.

Since it was Chinese, though, it didn't have much normal food. It did have these huge things, though.

Ah, jackfruit. Well, might as well give one a shot.

They weighed about 20 pounds and the one we got left dimples all over my arm.

A very nice landscaping job.

Ogii made the final table at Aelred's.

This paint splotch kind of looks like a person with a jetpack or a witch on a broom.

No ICD-10 coding seminar would be complete without a slide of funny codes.

A poker tournament for cancer support.

There were a lot of people there.

Linda was at the same table as Jason Alexander.

Aw, the front corner of my Prius is already scraped up from curbs. I preferred the Jeep for parking since I could ram into the curb and it'd only hit tire.

The woman at Target offered to check us out in the back without having to wait in the long lines up front, so we offered her an Oreo.

A very popular item at an Asian restaurant: a whole fish.

We settled for an assortment of meats to cook ourselves instead.

It was a pretty big place, and I was the only white person there.

The city of LA has some crazy borders, with a little tiny strip connecting it to the port.

Playing in Kat's pool.

Ogii trying to get a quarter off the bottom.

Kat and Kendra under water.

Ogii and I doing the same.

Oops, the picture stitching software didn't quite get it correctly this time. It's supposed to be straight across, not a U-shape.

I'm in second place at the big weekly tournament.

Unfortunately I lost it all here.

It's always nice when your opponents are holding the cards they each need; it gives you a little better chance.

Straight flush, 1 card too low to be royal.

Aw, I should have played this hand.

I was crushed by both other hands before the flop, was winning at the turn, and was beaten at the river.

Pretty good flop for me.

Never good to go in with the lower pair.

With my opponents having three over cards, it was pretty likely at least one would hit, but I got lucky.

The curb behind the three trash cans was recently painted red. It doesn't seem like there's any reason for it, so a lot of people thought maybe the owner did it himself to keep people from parking in front of his house.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has a website where you can enter an address and report a complaint. In this case, I said it looked like the curb had been painted red illegally.

I got an email just a few minutes later saying it was legal. That's one efficient part of the department.

Dumb Windows 8. It creates this Thumbs.db file for any folder with pictures that is nearly impossible to delete, which means you can't delete the folder, either. Thankfully there are some ways around it, but it's really annoying.