2007 Oct 14 | Festa Italiana

How lazy can you be?

Having stuffed animals scattered in the back window of a car annoys me. I guess they're trying to be cute or something, but it just seems messy.

Let's see, it's noon, the busiest time of the day for these people, and none of them are to be found. Oh, wait, there's one cutting the pizzas. She sees me but she doesn't ring me up... OK, what's going on here? Ooh, another worker. Again, she sees me and ignores me. This is getting pretty annoying. About 5 minutes later the cashier wanders back to work and takes my money. So the other two employees can't work a register?

I absolutely loathe the magazine filing system at the UH library. Instead of being in alphabetical order, they're grouped by some filing system. They're usually kind of grouped by subject, but it makes it really difficult to find a certain magazine. I was looking for The Economist, but is it in the popular section, the business section, the economics section, or some other section I can't think of? Plus, the sections aren't in any kind of order; you just have to wander around until you see a bunch of magazines that cover the same type of info as the one you're looking for. There are still a few magazines I'd like to read but I have no idea if the library even has them.

This intersection is a mess. There are two lanes on this side and three on the other, so people are never sure which lane to go into. Plus, the middle lane has a big bump at the top of the hill on the left side, so people try to avoid it early on, but then the far right lane becomes a turn-only lane, so you have to get into the middle lane if you want to go straight. If I'm in the left lane, I go to the left lane, and if I'm in the right lane, I go halfway between the middle and right lanes until after the bump and then go into the middle lane completely, which is what most other people tend to do. The troublemakers are people in the left lane to try to go into the middle lane.

Another section of road that's no fun. The shadows from all the trees make it nearly impossible to see the lines dividing the lanes, so you just kind of have to guess.

When I see a sign that says, "X to X," I usually think it's trying to advertise diversity, such as, "from conservative to liberal." Apparently that's not the case here. Although it is Texas, so maybe this is what counts as diversity. Or maybe the "to" is simply signifying temporal rather than philosophical differences; advertising they have conservative talkers all day long.

THere was a block party on Westheimer on Saturday. There were 2 stages and a few vendors, but not a whole lot going on, although I arrived and left pretty early.

Saturday there was also Festa Italiana northwest of Houston a bit. At the entrance they had one of those "win a car" booths that time-share companies put up. I wonder how many people enter them without reading the back of the card that says you have to be married, have a combined household income of over $60,000, etc?

Outside there were a bunch of classic Italian cars.

And a Bocce tournament inside.

In the afternoon there was a pasta eating contest. The guy on the far-left was the defending champ and won again.

After that there was a grape-stomping contest.

They also had wine tasting in the evening. There were 5 wines. Principessa Gavia Gavi was a white wine that was pretty good, San Angelo Pinot Grigio was a white wine I didn't like, Chianti Classico and Rosso di Montalcino were reds I didn't like, and then Rosa Regale was a sparking red you're supposed to have with desserts (chocolate, fruit, or nuts) that I loved.

Apparently any car can become Texan if you stick a bull head on it.

It might be misunderstood, but it's still bad.