2014 Mar 23 | Triton volleyball, Kenneth Hahn park

Nice little road up to a water tower, but the road is blocked off near the bottom.

A Lexus for Alexis?

Jerk driver. There's a single lane there, but it's really wide, so most people will pull up and over this way a bit to let people who are turning through on the right.

Not this lady, though. She blocked all these people by stopping way behind the line.

We went to Kenneth Hahn park to watch the sunrise, but it was too cloudy. This spot is very popular for photos of downtown LA with the mountains behind.

To the left a bit.

Pretty good view when it's clear.

Straight up there are almost no clouds, though.

A gopher dug a whole in the path.

Hope no runners trip on it.

A pretty lake.

We didn't see any fishermen today.

We did see some ducks, though.

And a squirrel.

And a lot more ducks.

Nice little waterfall.

These ducks swam straight at us from across the lake. I guess they thought we had bread to give them.

A couple up on the hill.

A nice path up to a gazebo.

Great phone number.

Plane over the highway.

We went down to Redondo Beach to play volleyball. One of the nets was really loose, so we asked these guys to fix it.

Taking it down.

Eyes on the ball.

Good dig.

Jumping hit.



With the lifeguard tower in the back.

Pulling out the new net.

Stringing it up.

Looking good.

Me with a jumping hit.

Making sure it's out.



Tightening it up.

Using the wide-angle lens from close and low.

It can make people look a little stretched out if they're near the edges.

But some of the shots are cooler with it.

Finishing touches on the new net.

Not pretty, but it works.

Diving dig.

The same by her teammate.

This K-Mart was having a going-out-of-business sale.

However, I can see why. This bodywash is $4.99 there...

... and $3.97 at Walmart, $1.02 cheaper.

Paper was $4.59 at K-Mart...

... and $3.72 at Walmart, $0.87 cheaper.

At 30% off, though, they're a bit cheaper at K-Mart.

And Walmart bags may be cheap, but so are the K-Mart ones; this one tore apart on me on the way to the car.

This hotel, run by an Indian family, had the Bhagavad Gita in addition to the Bible up front.

Really weird for the highways to be this busy; it's 9pm on a Wednesday.

Maybe if every single piece of mail didn't say, "Important - do not discard" I'd actually pay attention to it.

There's something inside the parking meter.

It's a card.

An ad for an event. Neat idea, but I wonder if it's legal to put a card in here like that?

Cedars Sinai hospital has a lot of ophthalmologists that have opticals where they sell glasses.

Lots of doctors at this one.

This doctor had one, too.

Pretty rug.

This was only an optical, no doctors.

The parking garage isn't directly attached to the area on the left, so you have to go to the right and all the way around.

Pretty bridge.

A wider view.

Multi-colored, multi-angled building a few blocks away.

Lots of charging stations here.

Dr. Ouchi in pediatrics? That's a perfect name.

We ate at this restaurant but the glare off the menu made it really hard to read what the food was.

Ooh, Pick-A-Mix! They didn't have the jelly nougats, thoough, which are my favorite.

A book with a moving Transformer on the front.

Some Monopoly game from the grocery store.

Although I'm not really sure how to play it.

It says you can cut them out and put them on a board, but I couldn't see any game space on them.

Backup clothes in the car: suit, hoodie and jeans, swimtrunks and t-shirt. Never know when there's going to be a last-minute party from the beach to a nice club.

The far lawn looks gorgeous, the near lawn is pretty ragged. What a difference automatic sprinklers make.

My least-favorite shortcut in Irfanview is "F." It makes the images too big, but there's no shortcut key to turn it back to my preferred option, "fit only big images to window." So if I accidentally hit "F," I have to dig through the menus to get here instead of just being able to hit a shortcut key.

Same hand.

Don't know what either of these two guys were doing in the hand with those cards.

Texted alert about the earthquake.

Stupid Windows. Look at how many levels deep this folder is. I'm never going to be able to remember that.

Craigslist is full of spammers. I want folding chairs, and look at all the crap they post at the bottom of their ad to get it to come up in any search. What jerks. Plus, Craigslist should be for individuals selling random items, not stores.

Thankfully there's an option to only search for words in the title, which cuts out almost all of the spam.