2014 Mar 30 | Carlsbad flower fields

Three people all-in before the flop. I have 55, which is pretty unlikely to hold up against four overcards. However, I got lucky and hit another 5. Good thing, too, because the other guy hit a 10.

Q9 is in trouble against A4 unless you hit a full house.

The top four.

I used my netbook to run the clock for the poker tournament. I obviously hadn't turned it on in a while.

I barely made it through a red light, and then I saw a guy come through behind me. "Pretty late," I thought. Apparently this cop who saw him thought the same thing.

Still no $10s for change.

What a waste of paper; I only bought some mints.

I printed out a bunch of my sunset photos to give to the other optometrists on the LACOS board for the final board meeting of my presidency. They fit almost perfectly in this bag except for one extra.

The stuck up pretty high, so I couldn't hold the handles of the bag with one hand. However, a belt worked nicely as a shoulder strap.


A car carrying a little car.

And another with some slightly larger vehicles.

Hell yeah? Haley yeah?

I hate most license-plate covers, but this one is fun.


Big, dark clouds.

Pink hair and blue boots.

A car with color-changing paint. You don't see this much any more.

We went down to the Carlsbad Flower Fields on Saturday.

Everything is that way.

Tall blue and white flowers.

A bee on a flower.

Some metal flowers on the right.

A band.

The flowers.

They plant them in rows of color.

From the top.

It's quite pretty.

Watch out for sticks on your shoes.

The tractor ride.

The edges tended to have a mix of colors.

And this row was multi-colored.

A big pink one.

Hopefully no bees pop out of there.

Stroller parking.

These are pretty, too.

A windmill.

Pretty buildings.

A really tall bridge being built.

While we were down there, we visited San Diego for a bit.

A guy on the beach here teaches people how to make these big sand castles.

What are these people looking at?

Aw, it's a baby sea lion!

Selfie with the sea lion. I only got one shot, and it was looking at me perfectly.

Time to go.

It slipped into the next big wave that came and was gone.

Ogii's feet under the sand.

Umbrellas for the hotel guests.

Weird branches on this tree.

$56 for parking? That's insane.

A patriotic pickup.

Ogii and her dad in front of the battleship.

A neat old car.

Skyscrapers in downtown San Diego.

I have a FasTrak, so I'm not sure how I got this violation, but the penalty for late payment is insane: $0.45, $25.25, $58.45. Better hope you don't accidentally throw this letter away.

That's a pretty good flop for 33.

Whew, that was close.

What the heck? It isn't showing my second card. This happened a few times when I switched to another window and then switched back.

Thankfully it says under your cards what you have, so at least if you make a straight or flush, you know it. I just don't know how big my flush is.

I got really lucky on the river here.

I'm in second place in the tournament, pretty good, and only 13 players left.

Especially because they pay to 10 places.

That is a terrifying board. Two pairs and straights and flushes and full houses and four of a kinds are all possible.

In first now, nice!

Four all-ins and three side pots, crazy hand.

Three players knocked out at once.

The wrong flush came, especially because I had two pairs on the flop.

Three people left and I'm pretty far in the lead, but a couple of all-ins and double-ups by either player and I could be out.

WLBsr won big with 89 earlier, but it didn't work out this time.

Yeah, I won!

Not bad.

Out of 64 players.

I'm glad I got out of that pot.

But wish I would have been in this one.

The insurance paid us $1 on this patient, sigh.

Usually you can save money by getting books used on Amazon, but once you include shipping, this book is basically the same price new as used.