2014 Apr 13 | St Vincent Court, Thursday VB, Renaissance Pleasure Faire

A cop with his lights on in the carpool lane. I wonder if he's really responding to a call or if he's only doing it to go faster.

A train coming around the turn.

Whispy clouds.

Volleyball on Thursday afternoon.

Perfect positioning.

This guy and his partner were very good. You can tell just by looking at his form.

Going up.

Big hit.

Going for a hit and going for a block.

Eye on the ball.

This is just a perfect shot; everything is in focus and super-clear. I usually only get one or two of these a day.

Down, but watching the ball in case it gets blocked.

Great forearm platform.

Always good to have fun, too.


Both down and ready for the ball.

Swinging away.

Saturday we went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, but Google Maps thinks we want to go to the Renaissance Festival in Arizona.

At the entrance.

A woman dressed as an orc.

Jumping over the broom.

Giving this woman a tip.


Dancing around the maypole.

Ogii's father with a well-dressed and well-moustached man.

Kendra with a fox mask.

Making chain mail.

A pouch with lots of pirate decorations.

Bright face paint.

Shooting arrows.

The target reflected in my sunglasses.


Ogii shooting.

And her dad.


From behind.

And from the front.


Picking up all the arrows.

Onto knife throwing.

We each got 10 knives.

Everyone ready to go.

Ogii's dad.

Ogii with a big windup.

Me aiming.

I got it!

A giant swing.

The parade.

The band.

A guy with a dragon outfit.

A giant.

Lots of food.

Ample assets.

Turkey legs.

To see the fairies, you were supposed to look through this magic rock with a hole in it.

Their face paint was really impressive.


A musician.

Throwing balls at a dunk tank.

I didn't get her, but Kendra did.

Down she goes.

Pirates talking to warriors.

A giant man thing.

That's my kind of show.

The shows later in the evening are rated NC-17, but even the ones earlier in the day were pretty raunchy.


The targets for a spear-throwing booth.

I bought this simply because it was big, but it was by far the best-tasting cookie I've had in at least 10 years. I should have gotten the recipe and how they made them.

Watching a show with a guy dressed in a fox costume.

The Washing Well Wenches.

Three guys had to do a task each to get a rose for their ladies. This guy had to put on this underwear, run out into the open area, and yell.

Getting a rose from one of the wenches.

Uh oh, it broke.

And it's in her mouth.

Obviously the best way to get it.

Nice guns.

He lifted her up, she started grabbing his head with her legs.

Spinning their laundry to get people wet.

Wench with a mud beard and guy with a bra.

Bra on the head.

Kendra tipping.

Colorful outfits.


A dinner.


This guy was "passed out," the orc woman joined him, and Ogii joined them both.

These guys had some of my favorite outfits.

Lots of accessories make the costume.

Cider and mead.

Kat getting every last drop.

Kendra banging on the band's drum.

Some girls in horse costumes.

That's a scary club.

Jousting games.

And actual jousting.

The one knight's shield got stuck on the other knight's pole.

Ogii and Kat.

Who needs hands to drink.

Cool outfit, especially the white contacts.

An acrobat.

Aw, baby geese.

Too bad we didn't have any bread.

I'd actually seen most of the acts at the Renaissance Festival in Houston. I guess they travel around the country.

Fire is always fun.

Getting the kids to spin plates.

They really had fun.

Then he recruited them to get money from the audience.

And soaked them at the end.

The Ded Bob Sho.

Lots of items on his backpack.

Kat with the fox.

Swordfight in a dress.

Both with two swords.

A child-care cart.

A band.

Pirates giving out treats to the kids.

A woman was telling kids to run up to a guy, hug him, and yell "Daddy!"

Pretty stained glass.

A lizard on a ledge.

St Vincent Court in downtown LA.

It's down this little alley.

And has shops with various objects above them.

Like this knight.

Sunday night we went to the Magic Castle.

800-888-8888. I wonder how much they paid for that number.

Even if it accidentally put $175,000,000 in my account, I don't think I could get it all out and get away to a foreign country.

Alaways running out of the 180 axis contacts when I hardly ever use the others.

My carpets were pretty dirty when I moved in, and they've gotten even dirtier since I've been there.

The living room.

And the bedroom. Thankfully the manager said they would clean them for free for me, but that meant I had to move everything off of them and into the kitchen and bathroom.

That's an interesting route.

I didn't know there was a Dave & Busters at the Howard Hughes Promenade.

Full house, AAA88, beaten by 8888. Crazy hand.

An amazing picture Ogii took of the blimp and a plane.

Dumb Shazaam app is now bringing up alerts with ads for songs, how annoying.