2014 Apr 20 | lunar eclipse, VG party, Paul's birthday party

Monday night was a lunar eclipse. I thought I'd go up to the Griffith Observatory like I did for the last one. The eclipse was around midnight and the observatory opened at 7pm, so I figured I'd get there right around 7pm and beat the crowd. However, the parking lot was already full when I got there.

Thankfully they had a free shuttle from a lower lot.

Waiting in line for the shuttle.

There were a lot of people already there, but I still got a good spot along an edge facing south.

With a nice view of downtown.

People using the little pay telescopes.

The moon was over to the left a bit, but during the eclipse it'd be almost straight south.

Just a hint of a shadow.

A little more.

A quarter.

A third.

A half.

Three quarters.

And the full eclipse.

You can just make out the eclipsed moon at the top of the photo.

This guy had a giant telescope he was letting people look through.

A view of the observatory with the moon at the top again. It's really small, though, so not very interesting pictures.

The line for the shuttle going down was super-long; people had already waited in the line for around an hour. A lot of people decided to walk down instead.

There were trails that these people took, but I stuck to the road because I didn't want to get lost on some trail going off in some other direction.

It only took about 15 minutes to walk down, much faster than waiting for the shuttle.

There was a little coyote at the bottom.

It looks like these trees dropped their leaves; pretty.

Jerk crossing the solid line.

His name is almost Rick Roll, the YouTube link trick.


How poor people get their groceries home instead of using a car. They seem pretty inefficient; I'd think pushing forward would lift up the back wheels, so you'd have to use a lot of energy to keep it pushed down, not just forward.

Funny state-issued plate.

I wonder if you could just put "Student Driver" on your car to get people to give you more room.

Line of palm trees along the highway.

The tram to the Getty Center.

Playing Extreme-G a bit. It must have erased my high scores because there's no way I'm better now than when I played this weekly in high school. Even though I hadn't played it in around 20 years, I still remembered most of the turns on the courses.

Videogame party Friday night with five-player Bomberman.

When you got two wins you had to turn your controller upside-down.

GoldenEye in the living room.

Candi and I went to UC Irvine on Saturday for an eye conference for students.

We were on a panel with three other doctors to talk about optometry and answer student questions.

Another panel with students.

Ogii and I making costumes.

I think you need to make the face hole a little bigger.

Buying some spears for our costume. The pitchfork was $4.49; the spear was $11.99.

I guess the spear has a slightly-better end; it's heavier and painted, but I don't know if that's worth more than double the price.

Customer requests at the Halloween store.

Saturday night was Paul's birthday party. Everyone dressed up in Alice In Wonderland costumes.

Ogii and I were the playing card guards.

Playing beer pong.

Gotta drink.

Our opponents.

The other table.

These guys were really good.

Cool illuminated tweezers, but a bit expensive.

Funny sign for a drink place.

A coworker's eye was bothering him a bit; looks like his contact lens is rubbing on the edge of his eye.

Smart to write the expiration date in big numbers on the packages so you know which ones to use first.

I had these drop that I almost never use at my office and they were expiring in a month, but we use them at the other office, so I brought them over there.

Birthday-party dinner with the staff at the Thursday office.

The spots in this parking lot are too small. However, if the person on the edge parks over way too far and everyone else offsets a little bit from them, it actually works out well.

Design-your-own pizza.

Neat idea, but since the weight is farther away from you, I'd think they'd be worse for your back.

Pretty paint job.

When I checked with the city, they said this weirdly-located red curb was legal. However, this car was here. I'm going to keep an eye out and if it parks there again, I'm going to report it.

Poker at my place. You hit three of a kind, you think you're pretty good until the other player shows a bigger three of a kind. Especially when they hit a fourth card to make quad aces.

Big prize pool.

Busted out of the tournament, but still playing cash. Had a ton of people packed around the table.

The final three.

Max and Tony were the final two, so they decided to split most of the pot and play some quick blackjack hands for the remainder. They played three hands and tied all three hands. So they decided to go back to poker but tied that hand as well. Finally this hand barely won it for Max.

When I type in a number, sometimes the phone knows the business it's for and says the name and a picture of the place.

The traffic speeds on Google Maps can be nice, but for the most part they're just too much information.