2014 Apr 27 | APCH, Brewery Art Walk, poppies, OC Pet Festival, fencing

You don't have to get very far out of LA to see lots of farms, although a tractor in town is still pretty rare.

This license plate holder would go well with the happy shark, but I wonder if it would be too much.

If you have a fun pickup like that, it should be dirty.

The top of the US Bank building kind of looks like a ship.

The car in front of me is sitting in the middle of the intersection behind traffic and there's a train coming from behind me. The traffic moved before the train got there, but that's a pretty good reason to not go into the intersection unless you can get all the way across.

Saturday morning was the second year of the health fair at A Place Called Home.

We had an eye chart for vision screenings, trial frames simulating different prescriptions and diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, and lots of little toys.

It got pretty busy.

Tons of leafy green vegetables and bananas from this supermarket.

Free plants.

The kids area.



CPR classes.

Lots of free toothbrushes.


Saturday afternoon we went to the Brewery Art Walk.

There are tons of lofts where artists live and work scattered throughout multiple buildings.


Skeleton lamp.

Lots of jewels.

Candle holder.

One of the most interesting lofts; quite a variety of artwork.

Scintillating photos.

The big loft on the end with the outdoor hot tub.

A pedal table car thingy.

The blacklight art by Debi Cable was my favorite. You put on 3D glasses and everything somehow looked 3D.

A welcome paint.

Simplicity is powerful.

A bridge connecting two buildings.

Nice view.

Lots of lamps.

Lots of Jesus.

I like the emotion in this one.

A creepy chair.

Modern chess set.

Cool lamps, similar to Ikea but more intricate.

Clothing made only from ties.


A cute little vehicle.

I wonder what's behind these curtains?

That's pretty cool.

As is this tree.

And this dragon is amazing. I'm assuming he goes to Burning Man.

Cute seahorses.

After the Brewery we drove up to Antelope Valley to see the poppies. A cool house on the way.

The reserve.

Building built into the hillside.

Unfortunately, the reserve closed at sunset and we had seen more poppies on some hills a few miles back, so we went there instead. There were a few other people there as well.

Ogii in the flowers with a butterfly above her.

There were tons of poppies around here.

Getting a sunset picture.

Unfortunately the clouds got in the way so I couldn't get the actual sunset.

Although looking in the other direction were some neat clouds colored by the post-sunset light.

There were a few different rows of dirt roads. We went up one, drove sideways, and then came down another. However, it looked pretty steep, so we decided to go all the way back rather than risk getting stuck or smashing up the car.

Since the clouds got in the way of the sunset, we decided to stay the night and catch the sunrise. We ate at this amazing Italian restaurant. Everything was very lightly seasoned instead of anything being out of balance.

Up early the next morning for the sunrise.

Not great, but maybe a bit better than sunset.

It was freezing outside, though. Low 40s and very, very strong winds. I might have gotten some better pictures going out farther into the fields, but it was too cold. I'd stay in the car, jump out, get some shots, and then jump back in.

Ogii stayed in the car and used the costumes from the Alice in Wonderland party as blankets.

A pretty red house.

The steep road from the other direction. Maybe we could have made it by driving in the right spots, but it still looks pretty scary.

Cows out eating.

We drove right by the prison on the way to the poppy fields. Not so bad in daylight, but driving back at night was a bit sketchy.

It seems weird to have an IMAX way out in the middle of nowhere, but maybe Lancaster is big enough for it. We thought about staying to watch a movie, would be kind of fun since I had worked in a Cinemark on the edge of a smaller city, but we had plans for the rest of the day and the movies didn't start until around noon.

There were a lot of very nice houses on top of hills in the area.

When we got back to LA, we headed right back out to Orange County for the pet fair.

Always have to feed the animals.

Aw, he looks like he wants to go hop around out there.

A baby goat.

They could get greedy.

Weiner dog races, although they obviously weren't too strict about the type of dog.

Dogs jumping for distance.

That's a big cow.

A baby sleeping.


And puppies.


And an electric blue one.

A fish-petting station.

Lots of snakes.

A tarantula.

You could take out the snakes and hold them.

A fat lizard.

Looking at us.


Hermit crabs in painted shells.

This guy is clinging to the ceiling of his cage.

A turtle eating some fruit.

Ogii petting a lizard.

He's pretty big.

This one had a funny tail.

Green ones hanging out.

Poisonous frogs.

Yellow and blue.

A scorpion.

A tarantula out on some suckers. I wonder if that's a harzard; can he still bite?

Ogii got all itching when seeing the spiders.

Carol Burmette, great name.

An owl purse.

The brought out a giant python to hold.

Us with the snake.

This bird could identify colors and sing a ton of songs.

A big one up on a platform.

Flying over the audience.

That afternoon we went and did archery.

We had a small private group.

And an instructor giving pointers.

Cool timing; you can see the arrow flying on the right.

I liked when the arrows stuck all the way through the targets.

Ogii almost got a bulls-eye.

Me taking aim.

I think I was the only one to get a 10.

Sometimes the targets would fall down.

Lining up her shot.

Then we shot at balloons.

David got one.

Neither Ogii nor I did.

Then onto fencing.

I definitely want one of those.

Practicing footwork.

Practicing with the instructor.

He made it pretty easy at first.

David had fenced before.

Then we got to fence each other.

Our group attacking.

I got really sweaty in the heavy short and helmet.

I opened by door and then couldn't close it. This dumb little tree got in the way.

I give these stickers out to little kids at the office. I saw a woman and offered her little girl a sticker. The girl started hoovering up the stickers as fast as she could grab them with her little fingers. The mom was horrified and told her to put them back, but I just laughed and said she could keep them.

I burned my finger on the toaster oven, so I just jammed it into my milk. I don't know if this would fly at a restaurant, but nobody's at home to say anything.

It gets so warm the FasTrack responder falls off. The glue apparently doesn't work when it gets really hot. Even though it was so much hotter in Texas, it didn't happen there because it's stuck on much more strongly.

Really cool artwork.

I hate most junk mails, but this one is pretty neat because it has a key attached.

How much do you wanna bet every single number matches?

Oh no, my food is touching. This is not acceptable. They have to all be separate with space between.

Long line at the ATM.

Some spikey fruit.

Watching Uncle Buck, and Ogii's head is a perfect resting spot for my drink.

Playing two tables and once and I get the same crappy hand on both tables at the same time.

Ads are showing up on my phone now through Google for nearby restaurants.

I don't like games where you have to pay to keep going, but Jetpack Joyride is a lot of fun, so I don't mind giving the developers a few dollars in appreciation.

Facebook shows all nearby events. I'm not invited to this, but I want to go.

Backing up my hard drives and AVG found a few viruses. I wonder if they're still doing anything?