2014 May 11 | health fair, poker at Aelred's, outdoor movies, LABV

The bus shouldn't be able to take the carpool lane when it's not in service and only the bus driver is inside.

Car from South Dakota, although it's a junker.

I tend to stay away from cars that look like this.

This person gave the cashier her drink container to fill up with soda. I hope she paid for it.

We did a vision screening for people in south central LA.

One nice thing was we had autorefractors and glasses up to +/-5.00, so while we couldn't give them perfect glasses, we had something to give out if they had a large prescription.

They provided lunch for the volunteers. The Sprinkles cupcake was a surprise; those are expensive.

Nice sign.

Checking pressures.

That's a tough job: selling mini chairs on the corner. It's really hot, too, so he's hiding in what little shade he can find.

Scooby Doo truck.

Plastic barrels scattered across the highway.

Big cloud with a bit of sun peeking through.

Easily one of my favorite state-issued plates: She be devil, haha.

This truck has "NASA" on the side. But the stickers on the back don't look like NASA's logo. I guess some other company has the same acronym?

That's a weird color.

Rolls Royce, very nice.

There was an old car show in the area. We didn't have time to stop, but we saw a few drive by.

This jerk is trying to push his way into the turn lane. He's blocking the entire lane of traffic behind him, though.

This house by the beach is still standing. I wonder what kind of pressure there is pushing it down the hill?

A Maserati, a custom plate, and a CHP plate cover, which is supposed to indicate you have donated to the California Highway Patrol and hopefully the cops won't pull you over.

The new Google Maps shows travel time by plane, train, and automobile, which is pretty cool. Although it has a softer look, which I don't like because it's not as clear.

Volleyball on Saturday with LABV.

Using the wide-angle lens.

Ogii took pictures when I played.


Good bump.

It looks like he's yelling.

Diving around his partner.

Eyes on the ball and moving for it.


Excellent serve.

Diving to the side.

And flying forward. She really went for the ball wherever it was.

Getting low.

And going high.

Nancy with a jumping backwards hit.

ABG diving.

Good timing by the photographer.

Ogii's legs in her sunglasses.

Jump serve.

Waiting for the ball to fall out of the net.

Just don't land on your setter.

It was really windy. This ball got blown from near the ocean but we stopped it.

The ball matches her outfit.

Love the tongue sticking out.

Sliding save.

I've been backing up my files to Backblaze, an online site. It's really slow, though. I'm not sure if it's the internet or that I'm backing up from an external hard drive through my computer.

I left my computer at home to back up during the day, so I decided to figure out how much each token prize in Jetpack Joyride was worth.

Not as efficient as Excel, but a Post-It Note still works. It looks like each spin token is worth around 132 coins.

Aw man, I held my finger too long on the radio preset button and it changed it to 99.9 like the other one. I have no idea what the station was before.

In front of the Hollywood sign.

At Aelred's for poker.

Crazy hand. Four people were all-in on the flop, and three of them had flush draws. 8/13 spades were already out, so that only left 5/41 left, or 12%. Mathematically, the AQ is looking very good, which was Ogii's hand. Except the spade came on the turn. From first to worst in one card.

I ended up winning the tournament.

And Ogii got third. A picture of everyone who made it into the money.

That car is parked pretty close to mine. Good to get a picture of it and the plate just in case he dings my car.

What? There's a marshmallow in my Honeycomb. Maybe it's a mixup from Lucky Charms. Wait a second, there are a lot of them.

Ah, I didn't even see the marshmallows part when I bought it.

The most perfectly-triangular set of grapes I've ever cut off from a bunch.

I didn't eat a lot for lunch, so I was a bit hungry. I stopped at a gas station to buy some gummy worms, which I was craving, and grabbed some jerky as well. Saw the Twizzlers on the way to the cash register and thought why not. Not the most healthy of afternoon snacks.

Who opens a bag of chips this like? You can't even fit your hand in there.

A bunch of returned mail from when the state association sends out the ads for our CE event. I'm going to keep them and send them back to the association so they can take the addresses off their list.

Most books I want to buy are around $6 used on Amazon, but this one is $13.

I thought that was a bit expensive, so I went to the library to get it for free.

The 1R button is twisted. They spin pretty freely, though, so I could just twist it back.

It took me a total of 45 minutes to drive to the library, park, find my book, and get back home. Assuming my time is worth $50 an hour or so, going to the library to get the book for "free" cost me $37.50, and I can't even keep or resell it. I think next time I'll just buy it on Amazon.

I tried to take a shortcut in downtown to save a few minutes on a 5-minute drive, and I got stuck in all of these buses and trucks and cars in the shopping district. It ended up taking over 15 minutes instead of saving me 1 or 2.

A house-flipping seminar. They gave a little information, but it was mainly an advertisement for their future 3-day seminar for $200. There are about 300 people here, and assuming 1/3 of them attend the future seminar (and it looked like even more than that were signing up for it), that's $20,000. Even spread out over 4 days and considering costs of space rental and hiring people, that probably makes more money than flipping houses.

An outdoor screening of Revenge of the Nerds and Bachelor Party.

There were some food trucks there.

Linda got there early and snagged a table.

We ate at the grilled cheese truck.

Lying on a blanket.

A wine glass with a top; good idea.

Hey, where did my blanket go?

Ogii is hogging it. In fact, it's not even on her; it's just bunched up on the other side.

From behind the screen.

From the side.

A panoramic from the back middle.

They had a nerd dress-up contest.

And the actor who played Booger.

Bad time for him to hit top pair.

Yes, the two other guys have three Js between them, so that makes the final J less likely to come! Until it does.

I don't know if I'd want to be in this hand or not. I have a full house by the end, but any K or higher pair beats me.

Three players and nobody even makes a pair? That's rare. I would have won with A high.

He had me beat easily until two higher pairs came on the board, the I just had the higher kicker.

Aw man.

Pair vs pair vs pair.

Four of a kind is going to be hard to beat.

A pretty questionable fold with a pair of 9s, and look what comes on the board.

I was ahead the whole time, but the last J is nice to make sure.

My timing on going all in couldn't have been much worse.