2014 May 17 | Leg Day, Western Commencement, US Bank Skytower, VB

The too-big space between "Cesar" and "Velez" is really annoying.

One way to fix a broken trunk lock.

I was going to drive to Sacramento for Leg Day, but they said to fly instead. It's a 6-hour drive versus a 1-hour flight, but then there's also driving to and from the airport, the cost of parking at the airport, the cost and time of getting a cab from and to the airport when you're there, etc. Not to mention with the flight being delayed a few hours, I would have actually gotten there faster by driving.

I figured I'd eat dinner at the airport.

But everything was closed.

These were my options.

Our winner.

Not horrible, but a bit expensive for what you get.

Cute little mints in a tin at the meeting.

The schedule.

Senator Kevin de Leon.

A lot of optometrists attended.

The light supports weren't quite even with the ceiling tile edges; some were twisted a bit. If I had a big ladder, I'd definitely climb up there and fix that.

I won COA Key Person of the year. Behind me is a map of four different legislators I had met with in one day.

The award.

Members of LACOS with Senators de Leon and Hernandez.

With my award.

And with a few students who met with legislators with us.

A larger group on the senate floor.

After meeting with a few legislators, I flew back to Ontario to get to Western University's commencement dinner. This view is pretty southern Californian: giant palm tree and outdoor couches.

The book.

The ad in it I wrote for LACOS. Hopefully it will get a few graduates to join.

Various awards. I especially liked the fun ones.

Dinner afterwards. It was actually very productive; I met with the alumni director about contacting graduating students and the scholarship director about setting up a scholarship.


Dumb cars that got stuck in the intersection after the light changed and are now blocking traffic.

A tow truck waiting for someone to break down on the highway.

The GPS estimate was heavy traffic, but the carpool lane was nice and empty.

A giant tree. It looks like they actually cut the bottom off the left side so it didn't hang down into traffic.

Lots of bushes and flowers of different colors.

Cute take-away food place.

Dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. I've already finished two drinks and Ogii hasn't even started on one.

Some women came and danced between tables.

Multiple different types of trees.

Thursday night was an event at the US Bank Skytower. You first go up to the 54th floor...

... then take another elevator to the 71st.

The first thing you see is birds.

Lots of interesting artwork.

Windows all around.

Fun sign.

Me getting pictures.

And more.

Looking down to the east.

Lots of contributors.

To the northwest.

A big comfy couch.

Large sitting areas with decorative wooden pieces.

Some mirrors.

Cutouts with shadows.


A funky chair.


Us in front of it.

After sunset.

Ogii by an old motorcycle.

All four are on their cell phones.

Everyone loved taking pictures with this cow.

Nice little corner.

It got pretty crowded later on.

The line to get in we saw when we left. A few friends were going to show up later and we said don't bother; most of these people weren't even going to get in.

A view over an industrial area.

I wonder if people sneak through here to get into there?

The moon looked cool behind clouds.

Not quite full.

With some trains.

Nice door on the walk to volleyball.

A plant.

With some fruit.

Neat house.

That's three months in advance; quite a long time to be advertising something like this.

These dogs could just fit their snouts and the tips of their paws under the door to bark at passers by.

Great parking job.

Love the floor-to-ceiling windows.

It looks boring from the other side, though.

This guy was holding down a couple of courts for his friends.




Hitting at a funky angle.

Good photography timing.

Me with a rather-funny sideways leap.

Eyes on the ball.

Me diving.




Nice serve.

Big hit and block coming.

About to kick the ball.

Funny-colored ball.

Reaching out.

And reaching up.

Going up for a hit.

Good timing by Ogii.


Yes, this is fair. She should carry everything.

This reminds me of the ceiling in grandpa's van. It had repeated dots all over, so if I relaxed my eyes, they'd cross a bit and it would look 3D.

It's warm out.

Some state income tax refund of $1.64. Really? And it counts as income, so if I cash it, I have to remember to report it on my taxes next year. It sounds easier to just throw it away.

This road is always busy with lots of people trying to turn at unregulated intersections. People should stop before the intersection and leave a hole so people can turn like this, but lots of times they fill it up and jam everything.

Rearview mirror taped to side mirror mount. It works.

A peaceful picture at work. It's behind the patient so if I get frustrated about something, I can just up over the patient's shoulder a bit and it calms me down.

Lots of different cider types, but I think I like Wyder's the best. Or is it Hornsby's? I can never remember.

Poker in Redondo Beach.

Ogii tied for first in the tournament and then we played cash. I was doing very well.

So well in fact they actually chipped me up to yellow chips worth $10 a piece.

I love the new Google Navigation update on my phone. It now shows other routes and times in real time.

And it shows exactly which lane to be in.

And the time and distance to your destination and ETA. Before you had to tap it to cycle through these.