2014 May 25 | roller derby, Bergamot Station, VG party

Roller derby is making a bit of a comeback. There's a place a few blocks away from my apartment that has it.

I like the skate disco ball.

They couldn't grab opponents, so they tried to block their way.

Little kids going at it as well.

Lots of falls, but they'd get up right away and get right back into it.

Some fun face paint.

And shorts and leggings.

LA destroyed San Diego.

At the end they skate around high-fiving the other team, fans, and the refs.

Accident on the highway. I'd be a bit wary of just standing there.

Good time to use the carpool.

Is it really worth the cop's time to bother the homeless guy?

Kid taxi.

Appropriate color for that license plate.

This fast food restaurant uses a piece of pipe to hold the window open. Whatever works.

Nice paint job.

"What's that?" "I don't know." "Well look it up on your phone." Nowadays, you should never be without an answer to almost any question for more than a few seconds.

We went to Bergamot Station, a collection of artists.

Lots of different paintings in here.

I don't know if bread around an egg is worth $5,000.

Lots of hanging paint.

You see these sculptures scattered around on the roads outside, too.

Joan Vaupen was having a show; Elliot, her husband, is on the LACOS board.

She paints abstract landscapes.

LCD work by another artist.

This was my favorite.

Gotta love the snacks.

Ogii having fun with another piece.

I really liked both of these. Guy sitting on his phone instead of looking at the beautiful view behind him and eclipse.

Another neat one: buildings.

And another: painted cracked soil.

Some birds.

A view from upstairs.

Another building had an exhibit on chairs.

A 3D one on the left.

Very elaborate.

Interesting clock.

I really liked these.

You pushed a button and they moved around.

Museum of meat. Press a button and it shows what each type of animal turns into. They all turn into a meatball.

Ogii with a flamingo statue.

A car used as a vase.

A car with a horse sculpture.

Even a heart inside.

Some bigger pieces.

Some awards ceremony.

All of the apartments lined up in Marina del Rey.

This guy has a lot of air freshners.

A soccer game in a park with a ton of people.

I'm guessing there was a bodybuilding competition going on.

Some sun rays through the cloud.

Modern houses on the left; older ones on the right.

This boat has been grounded for a few months since a storm knocked it out of the harbor.

It's just a few hundred feet north of the volleyball courts, so I'm surprised I never noticed it.


Had a lot of people for this one.

Ogii made four kings against the A-high flush.

AA vs JJ and both made three of a kind.

The winners.

Aw, they're out of Cherry Coke.

The Pepsi porducts are a bit cheaper, but you have to buy more of them.

A little roach in the office.

I'll let him run onto the tissue and then take him outside.

Summer in LA...

... means sand in all the little cracks of the car pretty much permanently.

Do they not sell chicken nuggets any more? I've been in a couple of stores and haven't found them.

Marshall's is my favorite place to buy wrapping paper. Really bright, shiny, thick stuff for super cheap.

Not a very good selection of dress shirts, though.

All of the random spam crap from the credit card companies has "urgent, open immediately" all over it...

... but something that actually is fairly urgent, the money to fix my phone, just came in a plain envelope.

One of these suitcoats is pretty expensive and I wear it to special events; the other is from the Goodwill that I bought for a costume. I have to make sure I don't donate the wrong one back to the thrift store.

A patient took about 10 minutes to get 20 feet on her walker and left some pretty heavy indentations in the rug behind her. Good reminder to stay in shape.

Pretty good looking desserts.

I don't think I've ever seen tons of paper reams at a thrift store.

Neat cover.

A huge printer.

For only $50. I wonder if that's a good deal?

I like the long dress on the right.

I don't think you really need instructions for this stool. There are only 3 connections, the feet, the pole bottom, and the pole top, and there's no way to confuse any of them.

Another videogame party. Teaching Ogii to play Mario Kart, but I lapped her.

I hadn't watched the CGI intro to Twisted Metal in forever.

The Playstation was the first system to have them because it had enough space to fit them. They look pretty simplistic compared to what's being made now, though.

The computer beat us; no good.

I'm in the top-right and got stuck on the wall. They didn't bug-test these older games as extensively as they do now.

Ogii is a button masher in fighting games.

Monster vs monster. I was on the left and couldn't even hit her because she was so small; all my attacks went over her head.

This worked, but it did almost no damage to her character even though it does a ton to all of the others.

Watching TV one night and all the ads are for medical malpractice suits.


And another.

Huge blueberry pancake.

Watching the Party Poker Premiere League. That's a lot of players to the flop.

And a lot of all-ins.

Aw, if only I wouldn't have made a pair, I would have won.

I really hope someone has an A. It's always sad when you flop a great hand and everyone folds.

I was completely dominated, but I would have won.

There's no way I should have gotten the flush, but I was ahead until the other guy got lucky with the third queen, so it worked out.

That didn't work out like I had planned.

Right color, wrong shape.

I was surfing around on other websites and not paying attention. I didn't get back to this window in time and it folded my hand. Horrible timing.

New high score in Jetpack Joyride.

I don't like Cloverfield street since the dumb movie with the same name.