2014 Jun 01 | Memorial Day VB, X-Men on Hollywood, LACOS CE Seminar

That looks like a secret plane being moved down the highway.

A rather distracting road sign.

This guy had a towel wrapped around his arm. Maybe it was wet to cool him off?

A cute little car.

When I had a party I tell people to park here. Sometimes people call and say they can't find parking. I go out and there's tons of spots open right where I said to park.

And even some more. Dumb people who don't listen to directions.

I understand that they're trying to make it a game/challenge so you have more of an incentive to remove the hangers, but there's no way it take the clerks 5.2 seconds. Liars.

The phone repair place was having a little trouble with their computer. The guy apologized for the wait, and I said it's fine, this is the part where he rips the dude's heart out and I want to watch it anyway.

The phone repair store is in the same mini-mall as Ogii's massage place.

Interesting vehicle.

I was playing doubles for volleyball and my teammate asked if he could have the left side. I said sure, then realized that meant I would be staring at this the entire time.

Volleyball on Saturday. I like this woman's outfit, although she needs a yellow hat.



Not quite.


Nancy bumping.

Always smiling.

Nancy hitting.

Nice serve.

Ogii setting.

Everyone watch out.

Still having fun.


Big reach.


On Monday we went down and played again for Memorial Day. Saturday was overcast and Monday was sunny; it's amazing how much better the photos come out with more light.

Good form.


Good set.

Up to hit.


Since the new X-Men movie came out, we dressed up in crappy costumes and headed to Hollywood Blvd on Friday night.

Even superheroes need to eat.

Nice view of the Hollywood sign.

Everyone using their mutant powers: Magneto levitating metal.

Mystique imitating Magneto.

Professor X reading minds.

Blink teleporting.

Us with one of the guys who dresses up every day to take pictures with tourists.

With Captain Jack Sparrow.

He was really great.

He had us each pose with him.

And attack him.

Mind attack.

In front of the Chinese Theater.

Me and Ogii.

Kendra and Kat.

The women in front of El Capitan theater.

The kids in the back kept looking at us.

The Wolverine guy put a picture with us on his Instagram page and we got a lot of likes.

Tonka, nice.

Grimlock would never let Optimus ride on him.

They don't have many Dairy Queens in California.

And a lot of them are like this, just ice cream and hot dogs, not full-menu DQs.

A nice house on a hill.

We went to watch the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Temecula. We were planning on getting up at 3am to watch them all take off at sunrise, but since we did the X-Men thing the night before, we didn't want to get up that early. So we went in the afternoon. It was a pretty easy drive most of the way, but the last few miles were completely packed.

Tons of cars.

There are lots of wineries here.

That's weird.

Some people were walking the last few miles rather than driving.

Two lines of cars coming from different directions merged here.

I was thinking maybe we could go up this road to avoid the crowds, but it was closed off.

More waiting.

At least it smelled nice outside, like rural South Dakota.

Still cars.

Yeah, we're not moving very fast.

We finally got there and parked. However, there weren't any balloons in the air; they had all landed. That ruined our contest of whoever saw the first balloon won $1. There was a nice lake nearby we watched the sunset at.

A huge frog.

Another view with a puddle.

And back a bit farther with a tree.

Some of the balloons did a glow where they light up while on the ground. We drove for hours and sat in traffic for hours for this? Next time we'll get there earlier. At least we just watched from the parking lot instead of paying $30 per person to go into the festival.

There were still cars coming as we were leaving. Turn around, people, there's nothing left.

That's a lot of lanes.

Sunday was the CE meeting for LACOS. The first speaker played a Jeopardy! game.

A talk on new techniques for diabetic retinopathy.

Speaking with the vendors.

Back to lectures.

A passing-of-the-gavel ceremony of all the past presidents present.

The past presidents who could make the meeting.

Another lecture.

Corneal surgeons always, always have videos of their procedures.

Raffle at the end.

The winner of the iPad mini.

My all-in was looking OK until the flop.

All black cards, but unfortunately the wrong shape.

Aw, my 3 of a kind were winning until runner runner flush.

Pretty good flop, although usually when you have two big cards you have to be very careful when you make two pair because it will often give someone else a straight draw.

Four different pairs all in. Whoever makes a third one wins.

Everyone had a K.

Bottom pair vs AA, not a good idea.

I made a straight on the flop but he made his flush.

You think AK is good when you catch an A, but sometimes the other guy has two pair.

Everyone was checking, so I bet and won the hand with nothing. Sometimes it works.

Flopped a straight again but won with it this time.

On the flop: Aw, I should have played, I made two pair. On the river: Oh thank goodness I didn't play; he made his flush.

On the flop, 99 caught a 9 to be in the lead. On the turn, AA caught an A to be winning. On the river, 8J caught a Q to make a straight and win. Crazy.