2007 Oct 21 | Rugby World Cup Final

This pipe has a fence strapped to the top. I guess they don't want people walking across it.

The cafeteria at the school tends to make Rice Crispy treats and stick in some other type of cereal. Here they used Apple Jacks. I wonder if they're just trying to get rid of the old cereal.

A switch at the check-out in a grocery store. Anytime I see a switch or button or anything like that, I have an almost overwhelming compulsion to click it and see what it does. I'm pretty sure this one just runs the light saying the lane is open, though.

I thought these looked a little different from the ones I bought before; the packaging and apples seemed redder, but I wasn't quite sure. Sure enough, when I got them home, I noticed they were cinnamon, not plain. I could hardly tell the difference in taste, though.

If something seems kind of heavy to me, I have no idea how many stamps to put on the envelope. You obviously don't want to put too few, but you also don't want to put too many because it looks funny.

The air seems much dirtier in Houston than in Berkeley. I have to wash my windshield at least once a week because dirt and dust get on it to the point where it affects my ability to see out. I reserved a parking space so my truck would be under a roof and hopefully protected, but that doesn't seem to help.

This guy has a whole family of Jesus fish.

I took my car to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change. I'd heard they sometimes take change and other little things you have lying around, so I figured I would test it out. I have a plastic organizer with different compartments between the driver and passenger seats, and one of the compartments has change. Right before I entered Jiffy Lube, I had 13 quarters, 2 dimes, and 1 nickel.

And right after I left, I had 10 quarters, 2 dimes, and 1 nickel, so they took 3 quarters. If a guy takes a little over a dollar an hour, that would be about $50 a week.

These three people are waiting for the bus, which is right behind me. I would have just walked over to the bus, but they all waited there. Perhaps it's because they're Asian? When I was sitting at a restaurant by an intersection near the university, I was watching people cross the road. The Asians would usually never cross unless it said they could, the white people would cross even if it said they couldn't if there were no cars nearby, and the black people would cross at any time, even if cars were coming. Also, the white people would speed up if cars started to get close, but the black people would keep walking slowly. This cultural difference is especially a pain on one of the ways to school, because if I take the more ghetto route, I always have to watch out for black people crossing the street at any time.

This sign isn't really correct because the machine doesn't give change. So you only need correct change if you want your money back; if you're willing to let it have 30 cents or whatever, then you don't need correct change at all. I used to carry dimes around because of this sign, but one day I thought to myself, how does the machine know beforehand how many copies I'm going to make? That's the only way it could know if I put in correct change or not, and since it doesn't force me to make 10 copies if I put in a dollar, it obviously doesn't need correct change to operate. Since I usually make 7-8 copies at a time, I just use a dollar and leave the 20 or 30 cents there for the next person to have a few free copies.

This is a 3-hole punch right beside the copier. I always assumed it was an electric stapler, although I'm not sure why, and I always wished they had a 3-hole punch so I didn't have to take my papers home to get holes in them. Until one day I actually took 5 seconds to read that this thing was in fact an electric 3-hole punch.

All of our classes have printed notes for each student, and the professors occasionally tell us the copier costs run into the millions of dollars or something because of that, so I guess they don't want students printing out lots of other things, too.

Some of my neighbors and I went to a pub called Richmond Arms to watch the rugby world cup final between England and South Africa. The guy on the left-middle in the green South Africa jersey is Jonathan, who comes to a lot of our BBQs. They showed up 3 hours early to get the front table (they arrived at 11am and the match started at 2pm).

You can see one of the servers rushing across the screen. The bathroom was in the middle-top of the picture, and you had to go in front of the screen to get there. It really wasn't much of a problem as people would duck down, but one time a couple of drunk guys slowly wandered across, which made everybody yell at them, which made them stop and look around to see what all the fuss was about, which just made everyone yell louder.

As you can see, they have a lot of different beers.

The place was packed. They had tents and lots of TVs set up outside and still half of the people were standing. Even though I've read about rugby rules and seen a few clips of it now and then, I really didn't understand much of what was going on most of the time, but it was still fun. Each team had different cheers their fans would sing so there was a lot more audience interaction than in any Super Bowl or even World Cup I've seen.

A couple of people put their trash outside their doors. I guess they don't want it stinking up their apartments, but the dumpsters are only a minute's walk away and now it's stinking up the hallway.

Randall's has a constant "buy 3, get 3 free" sale on candy bars. However, the ones that are on sale change around; at any given moment, only about half are included in the sale. What makes it really confusing is people will pick up something, change their mind, and then put it back in the wrong section, like the M&Ms in the right Reese's box. Reese's are on sale, but M&Ms are not, so if someone grabbed that bag of M&Ms and 5 other on-sale items, they wouldn't get any discount.

Randall's also puts these big "Thank You" stickers on charcoal and 12-packs. I was never really sure what they were for, but I grabbed this and almost left with it before the cashier stopped me so he could put the sticker on it. Otherwise, he said, the greeters will think I stole it.