2014 Jun 08 | Fairmont VB

This building is coming up fast.

A mural under a bridge that looks like Mel Gibson.

Bad accident on the highway; really smashed up and his wheel is torn off.

Whispy clouds.

This exit is always clogged with trucks.

Another bad accident on the highway.

A fellow Prius Plug-In.

Some bunnies.

A little food spot that pops up at night by the car wash.

I like how in the internet age, things often take a few seconds to a few minutes instead of days.

A pretty cheap parking lot in Santa Monica on the weekends.

Fairmont volleyball tournament.

One of the other teams.

Paper Rock Scissors for first serve.

Going up for a hit.

Good save by MG.


Everyone going for the ball.

Spike on the women.

This guy works for the Fairmont and is there a lot; he's fun and a pretty good player.

Whoever pushes last wins.

Me hitting it up.

And hitting it over.

ABG running for the ball.

Possible prizes.

Our team won!

Walking up to the Fairmont.

Nice view with a sailboat and palm trees.

Everyone enjoying appetizers and alcohol.

It goes quickly.

I looked around at various gyms, but they're all too packed. So I looked into squat racks, but they're pretty expensive. Some people online mentioned buying adjustable sawhorses from Home Depot, which are much cheaper and still work pretty well, so that's what I did.

A pretty painting behind the curtains.

No where to sit.

Ogii snuggling with the bear.

The Santa Monica volleyball group having some fun.

Very pretty paint job.

I like the name California Incline.

Some squirrels in Santa Monica.

Lensrentals rents various camera lenses. This is a joke, but maybe they'd really send it to you.

Amazon uses USPS for Sunday delivery. Even though they tried to deliver my package when I was home Sunday night at 7pm, since the apartment manager wasn't in her office, they couldn't get in. If Amazon had given USPS my phone number, they could have called me and I could have walked to the front and grabbed it, but I guess they didn't do that. I got an email asking what I wanted to do, and I said leave it at the post office for pick up. I went there Monday morning, but they said it wasn't there yet. A few days later they delivered it to my apartment anyway. So good idea, but poor implementation.

I paid $2.99 for this and can't even watch it.

Oh no; I moved too fast. Nc7 would have forked his king and queen.

I was down a bishop and a few pawns, but I got lucky with a checkmate.

I have a big attack going here with a lot of pieces after his king.

Keep applying lots of pressure.

And it worked.