2014 Jun 15 | ArtWalk with Jordan, VB with SocialMixin

I swear there was some 80s horror movie called 1-800-EVIL-573 or something like that; this license plate always reminds me of it.

Lots of cops for something.

The truck on the right was doing something to the road, so this motorcycle cop was swinging back and forth across all four lanes to keep traffic behind it. Thankfully it exited here so we could speed up again.

One train over the bridge, one train under.

A semi whose engine and most of the cab had melted.

And caused a huge backup behind him.

A very symmetric plate.

A really bright bike.

Fun paint job.

Fun little car.

Downtown with palm trees.

Thursday night we went to the downtown art walk with Jordan.

They had some cops scattered around.

This woman was going to do some art work but hadn't started.

A little movie.


Different street name sign.

A dog with sunglasses.

Some giant balloon.

Outdoor DJ.

Interesting sign.

Piano outside The Last Bookstore.

Fun light.

A sad fish.

I think there are more pennies than last time I was here? I'm not sure, though.

An interesting painting.

And another.

Lots of artists set up on the sidewalk.

A back-lit painting.

Wooden airplane skeleton.

Some shiny buildings.

And some neat-looking ones.

Food trucks.

Some private party.

A US flag hanging from the crane.

Cool ad for glasses.

Lots of paintings in here.

People could bike and generate electricity.

A guy with a hula hoop.

Then we ran up to Griffith Observatory right before it closed.

Ogii looking at the moon.

The moon on top of the sculpture out front.

From a road to the west.

Jordan and me taking pictures.

And a bit farther along. We actually saw a coyote walking here but I was too slow to get a picture of it.

One entrance to the beach parking lot was blocked off, so everyone had to go into this one. It was about a 20-30-minute wait.

Some cars were turning left instead, going along this road a bit, and then U-turning. It was a little faster.

We went and played volleyball with the Social Mixin group.

A few people came by, filled up buckets with sand, and took them to their trucks.

Me setting.

Good jump.

Me running and swinging over my head.

Big spike.

Me serving.

Don't collide.

Me reaching.

A few more people showed up later on.

A finger on the ball.

These helicopters flew over.

Me diving.



Me hitting.

I like the kicked up sand.

Jump serve.


Spking around the block.

Me spiking.

Me blocking.

Jessica bumping.

Going up.

Way over my head.



Everyone watching the ball.

Just over.

Me punching.

Not sure if he blocked this or not, but it was close.

If you feel you can't use the self checkout lane because you're in a scooter, then go through the regular lane where they have cashiers instead of making an employee come over and check you out of the self checkout lane. What a jerk.

They keep moving this table of bread closer and closer to the milk fridges; I can barely fit my cart through it. I think someone at the store is doing it on purpose to see how far he can get it.

June gloom.

Nope, not gonna wait in that line. Only one clerk at the post office.

The tree is beating the sidewalk pretty badly here.

Watching the first game of the World Cup at the Yard House downtown.

Yummy dessert.

Lots of people doing laundry right now; weird.

George with the volleyball group was interviewed for this magazine about the Los Angeles Beach Volleyball group.

The first picture they used is just some stock photo.

But he gave them some of my pictures and they used one of the group. It's kind of low quality and I really should charge them for using it, but I'll let it slide.


This sign was taped between the ATM machines at a bank. Good place for it, and good idea on the free food.

Two full houses.

Aw, their menu only got partway scanned.

Lots of accidents on the other route.

Google is getting better and better about having quick info about something when you search.

Ogii and I went through animal group names while driving.