2014 Jun 22 | Monopoly, SM VB, Fairmont VB, Disneyland

They blocked this exit out of the grocery store. However, the gate has been non-working plenty of times before and they just left it open. I wonder why they decided to close it this time?

That one takes a while to read through and figure out.

The Bug must have a pretty tight turn radius to get it in there light that.

Interesting that the Mercedes loaner is a Smart car. Although maybe it'd be fun to drive around.

Fun license plate.

All these hopefully tourists merging too late. Although it is a bit confusing and they waved, so that makes it OK.


There was a CE seminar at Disneyland, and we could buy discounted half-day tickets to go to the park afterwards. This was my Disneyland plan. Unfortunately four of the best rides were being rehabbed so we couldn't ride them.

Yep, I'm at an optometry convention. This is the 20/20 line on a common chart.

I got a seat on the side so I could watch USA's World Cup game on my cell phone.

There was a fire alarm so it got cut short, but it was only a few minutes. They did a few of the raffles outside but then gave up and said they'd email people.

Lego on the way to the theme park.

Us in front of the castle.

Ogii up in a treehouse.

We got a Fastpass, but it was pretty useless since that's practically when the park closes and 4.5 hours away. Most of the lines were only a 15-20 minute wait, anyway.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride went past this restaurant that reminded me of Italy.

Lots of pirate treasure.

The "secret" Club 33.

The Haunted Mansion.

Apparently some people take pins and trade them with other park-goers.

Going down.

A hologram ghost.

Talking heads.

Every single ride had a line but they weren't too bad.

Shooting gallery.

Ogii giving it a try.

The food wasn't that expensive, although I think that's more that other "normal" restaurants have caught up to Disneyland's expensive prices, so it just seems normal.

Watching the roller coaster go above the line.

A fun dinosaur skeleton.

We got to ride in the very front.

Ready to go.

The Fantasmic Show.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

Boats with various Disney characters.

The dragon Mickey beats for the finale.

Fireworks over the castle.

And some more.

It was quite packed in that area afterwards.


Shortest wait time I saw displayed.

The Star Wars ride. It was just one of those 4D rooms that moves around with the movie, but it was still really fun.

Captain EO was being fixed, but that's OK; we can just watch it on YouTube.

A band playing outside.

A giant carousel.

Time for Indiana Jones.

Lots of snakes.

One of these giant suckers was one of my few memories of when our family went here when I was a little kid.

Just inside the entrance.

Walking by Lego again on the way out.

Volleyball again.

Good set.

Ogii hitting.

And setting.

And again.

Big serve.

Looking where he's gonna put the ball.

I like the sand being knocked off the ball.

Punching it over.

Me hitting it up.

Big dive.

Reaching hit.

Love the ball reflected in his glasses.

Big jump.

And another.

Kicking it over.

And another.

Then onto the Fairmont Hotel for their volleyball tournament.

Diving for it.


There were some really hard hitters and blockers this time.

Backwards hit.

From the side.

Kayla was the referee for the games.

Diving for the ball.

Everyone watching the ball.

Referee and server.

Lots of palm trees around.

There were a ton of teams this time. We had to play shorter games to fit everyone in and we only got to play one game since we lost.

Reflected hit.

Big serve.

Running for the ball.

Sponsored by Vilebrequin.

This ball flew into a spikey plant and went flat.

Big hit.

Some of our team afterwards.

Lots of people enjoying appetizers and drinks.

Pink limo.

Ogii playing with the pier.

I like the bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Watching the World Cup game at lunch.

I hate when I think I'm going to eat half and take half for lunch the next day and instead eat way more than half, so then I just end up eating it all.

Hey, someone left a scissors on my chair.

"Penetration?" Yeah, that's what just about happened.

Information on one on VOSH's programs.

I found a Monopoly board in a thrift store for $3. I figured most of the pieces would be missing, but everything was there in brand-new condition. I ended up getting all of the green spaces, but everyone skipped over them for a few rounds so I went bankrupt.

The power actually went out across the entire block for some reason. Thankfully, we could just move everything to the courtyard and continue the game. If this happened when I had one of the videogame parties, it would be the end of the party.

That's a lot of houses.

Ogii was hoarding cash. She had the railroads and people kept landing on them.

Those won't do you any good in the late game; you want to go to jail.

Cheers every time someone passes Go.

Stacks of cash and properties.

And we have hotels.

Everyone slipped through the green rent.

The parking meter at the beach. If you get there by 9am, it's $5 for the day or $7 on the weekends; after 9am is $9 / $12. You save money by getting there early, but I don't know why the city would do this; what do they gain by it?

A snail making his way across the sidewalk.

I got my new contacts but the right eye seemed a bit blurry. I checked it that night and it seemed fine, so I tried it again the next day and the same thing. I looked at the box to make sure the prescription was right, and aha, they sent me axis 170, not 70.

So many hands hit that board; two pairs and straights and flushes.

It's not very often you get a king and queen fork with a knight.

I think this pawn move wins me the game. Even though it allows the white king to get my bishop, he can't stop both black pawns; one will become a queen.

Whoops, big mistake; I just threw away my queen for free.

Uber was running a special this weekend where they had a semi cab painted to look like the new Optimus Prime and they were giving 15-minute rides in it around LA. I kept sending requests, but I didn't win.

Uh oh, have to be careful ordering from Amazon on Friday now; my standard 2-day shipping is the Sunday delivery, which doesn't work at my place at all. Better change it to standard delivery.

The new Google Maps update has some problems. First, it's slow as heck, and second, it thinks my home location is in Sherman Oaks for some reason.

No, that's not where I'm leaving from.

Since we left the CE seminar early due to the fire alarm, they sent out an email with the raffle winners.

Hey look! I won one of the most valuable prizes. Nice.