2014 Jul 06 | 4th of July with LABV, Kendra's pool party

Person made out of muffler parts.

Nice plants on the outside of this restaurant.

Palm tree cutouts in the highway divider.

A Spanish mission one as well.

It's hot out.

So hot that my FastPass fell off again.

It's always a game to try to find it.

Huge open areas around these houses, although it's pretty steep.

Anvil cloud over the mountains.

"Ogii, you don't need to Google how to make Jell-O. It's water and Jell-O mix."

I spent most of Thursday making 300 Jell-O shots.

The US Bank was colored red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.

We were planning on watching the sunrise at Kenneth Hahn park, but it was locked. There was already a line of cars of people wanting to picnic there.

So we just went to the beach early instead. This parking lot was still locked; they better open it because there are going to be a ton of people here.

There were a few bums sleeping.

This boat is even more covered in sand now.

Holes from little creatures.

Time for volleyball.

Angled hit.

Big reach.

Nice dive.

Appropriate sunglasses.

It's beach, so it's legal.

His teammate doesn't look too ready right now.

Giant jump serve.

Good form.

Lots of food.

Very cute watermelon shark.


Ogii made fruit skewers in the shape of a flag.


Someone even brought hotdogs and a little stove.

Backwards overhand set.

Jumping hit.

From the other side.


A fun angle.


Patriotic outfit.

One of the games.

Troy having fun.

Jump hit.

Smiling sisters.

Jump serve.


Kendra bumping.

The camera focused on the pole, but it's still kind of neat.

Squished ball.

Kat running forward.


And bumping.

Fireworks afterwards.

Some light writing.

There were fireworks going off all around as we drove home.

Party at Kendra's house on Saturday. I brought all of the Jell-O shots that hadn't been eaten at volleyball.

Catching a football from the diving board.

Jumping off the board over Ogii.

Backwards dive.

I remember we used to have a River Rat.

Kendra catching the football.

Ogii with some Jell-O shots floating on the cooler top.

The poster I made for the Jell-O shots.

Going off the slide.

The whole group.

Going off the diving board, onto the River Rat, while holding another float.

Taking Jell-O shots.

Kat getting pushed off the board.

Me jumping off the board with Ogii on my shoulders.

Kat and Kendra on the slide.

We played poker afterwards. Almost a straight flush, but not quite, and the 10 just beats the 9 for the higher flush.

We watched the UFC fight while playing.

Pretty good board for AT.

I normally go through the normal line at the bank, but this time it was huge, so I used the shorter business one.

The server said it'd be a 10-minute wait. Ah, how about we just sit down at one of the 10 open tables?

I spent five minutes helping this old woman figure out the cheapest roll of tape.

Facebook shows non-private events in the area, too. I think we'll skip the swingers pool party.

Sneaky plan, let's see if it works. I move my queen so it's no longer protecting my knight, allowing his bishop to take it.

Then I attack his bishop with my knight, although I'm really just moving my knight out of the way; the attack is just a cover. If he takes my "free" rook...

... I get a checkmate with the queen. It's always nice when a plan works out.

Another "free" piece, my pawn on d4.

But when he takes it, I skewer his queen and king with my bishop.

Another one. If he takes my "free" rook...

... it's checkmate.

The problem with shorter time control is you often miss obvious moves. He resigned right after he moved, and I couldn't figure out why; I thought I had lost my pawn after I move my king. Only after a few seconds did I realize I could just take his rook. If he wouldn't have resigned, he might have won.

A queen-to-rook skewer with my bishop.

He tries to block by pushing his c pawn forward, but when I take it, now his bishop is under attack, too. I'm going to win at least something here.

What a horrible time to flop the king-high flush.

Notice to appear in court? That sounds pretty serious; why is it in spam?

If you hover over the link, it says NorthSideCarDealers. That doesn't sound like it's from an attorney.

And it opens to a zip file, which, along with exe files, are the most likely to have viruses. Good job sniffing out the spam by Gmail.

Pretty good speeds with Time Warner.