2014 Jul 13| Pershing Square movie, Sepulveda Dam, Social Pool

The American Apparel ad in Koreatown is much less revealing and has a Korean model.

PCN remember, and s/he's an engineer. So probably not penicillin, maybe Personal Communication Network? That's the second option when you Google abbreviations.

I love the tall palm trees.

Not quite as nice of a neighborhood; people throw their large trash items on the curb.

And more.

A lot of the Mexican families hang clothes and stuff out to sell.

But in this case the entire block was doing it. I'd assume it's like a community-wide rummage sale; hopefully they don't do it every weekend.

The Member 11-99 Foundation license plate frame is supposed to help get out of tickets by showing you donate to the California Highway Patrol.

A couple of mid-sized scooters on the left and a really small one on the right. The ones on the left are legal to drive on roads, but I'm pretty sure the one on the right isn't.

A fun paint job.

Mini-rainbow beside the sun.

Three of the same vehicle in different colors.

An outdoor movie at Pershing Square. There are a lot of these outdoor movies in the summer here, but this one is free; most you have to pay for.

They blocked the area off so you couldn't go in and get a spot ahead of time.

They have a blow-up screen.

We got there over two hours early. Since they didn't open the area until 30 minutes before they started the movie, though, it wasn't necessary.

A couple eating sushi while waiting.

The tower there.

And a depiction of it in the sidewalk.

There were also star constellations in the sidewalk.

Hard to tell, but this woman had see-through clothing on.

Palm trees and skyscrapers.

Almost a perfect spot: close, center, and nobody will sit in front of us.

Time to start the movie.

From behind the screen.

The movie was My Cousin Vinny.

This couple bring a hammock chair.

The clock tower is neat.

Hey, what's that?

Aw, it's a cute cockroach eating a little piece of fruit.

The fruit came from these trees.

Bigger pieces of fruit.

The tower and the moon.

Saturday night we went to watch the sunset at the Sepulveda dam.

The cirrus clouds really catch the color.

Watch out for the barbed wire.

Back down behind the dam.

With Ogii.

It was also a full moon.

Holding it.

Ogii doing the same.

After that we went and camped out in front of the MAK Center to pick up the key for the Social Pool. It opens at 11am, but you have to get there early. At first it was 10am, then 9am, then 2am, so we figured 10pm the night before should work.

It's a little colder now.

All wrapped up and sleeping.

Kat and Kendra came and took our places in the morning.

They got the key! Off we go into the desert.

This is it.

Pretty neat.


Kat and Kendra coming walking in from the road.

And it's open.

A few people showed up at the MAK Center after Ogii and I left, so Kat and Kendra said they could come, too.

It's really out in the middle of nowhere.

Matthew from New York City also stopped by the MAK Center right before they all got the key, so we said he could come, too, which worked out great because he brought a ton of food.

Dinner time.

Playing around.

Everyone hanging out.

Photo time.

Matthew brought some balloons, too.

A lot of filter on this shot.

Watching the sunset.

Almost gone.

And it's down.

The clouds were really pretty.

Some light writing. It took a lot of tries, but this one came out OK.

You're supposed to bring a gallon of water per person to fill it back up for the next group.

Matthew made a time-lapse video of the trip with his iPhone.

Cokes with names on them.

One of the best things about living in LA is there is almost always a theater or two showing a limited-relase film. I watched Snowpiercer here, which is my favorite movie of the year.

Manly equipment.

A 3D printer at Home Depot.

Pretty cool.

I'm not sure if this is a spikey plant part or the spine of a little animal.

The grass in front of two different apartment complexes: one is watered, one is not.

Again, half of the tree on one side, half on the other.

Pretty flowers.

This looks pretty sketchy; I don't think we'll check this place out.

Wasn't paying attention to the time I came in here right when it opened. Kind of weird when nobody else is there.

I don't mind spiders, but when I went to open the door and felt the web, it freaked me out.

Let's make this game more exciting.

I'll let him take the pawn by my king, but I'm threatening checkmate in one move.

I'm just hoping I can run my king away without getting mated.

Still doing OK.

Well, that didn't really work out. He gained two passed pawns, so I'm hoping for a draw.

And we ended up drawing by 3-fold repetition.

I have a passed pawn on the h-file, so I should win this.

And it's over. No way he can stop both pawns now.

Oops, didn't realize I lose my rook with this move.

$960 for 4 bedroom and 1500 sq ft? I don't think so. That price is more like 0 bedroom, 500 sq ft in this area.

Yep, some credit score scram.