2014 Jul 20 | SMVB, Freak Show masquerade

This guy on the left was bicycling on the highway. I could see maybe doing it on the shoulder, but he's in the middle of two merging lanes; that can't be safe.

I've seen this mural before...

... but hadn't noticed this one right across from it.

BMW and the plate says "DOC."

I love this bridge up north around Pasadena.

Neat sculpture.

A tour bus that looks like a trolley.

Overheated Hummer.

Very nice houses around this area.

A fitting license plate.

All of the little restaurants on the beach in Santa Monica are Perry's. They just put a new one by this set of courts up north.

Beach volleyball in Santa Monica.


Reaching back.

I like the bird in the back.

ABG going up.



Me hitting it up. This was my favorite game of the day: three on three, men vs women, and it was a very even game.

And serving.

Good timing by Ogii the photographer.

Me bumping.

And reaching.


The focus is wrong, but it makes it kind of neat.

Another of me.

A friend of ABG's.



High-thrown serve. I like the even lines in this photo.

A movie being filmed.

They always take up all the parking in the area.

Cool logo.

I bought silver spray paint for masks. It turns out it wasn't normal silver spray paint but something to put on glass to make it a mirror. I was wondering why it was so much more expensive than I expected at the store.

That's a bright dress.

I wonder how many different names Coke made.

This spider web was in the corner at work.

Normally I don't mind spiders, but this guy wasn't cleaning up his trash; there were bug carcasses and parts all over the place.

Bought this to take to poker. It actually tasted pretty good.

Everyone in Texas would park in the shade, even if the spot was way out at the edge of the parking lot and meant they had to walk farther to the store. Nobody here does that.

Meeting with various legislators about the optometry bill this week.

That sounds fun.

Lots of things going on.

I remember renting this years ago while camping. It was pretty weird.

And I've never seen this, so might as well check it out.

Our costumes.

Although it was mostly just the masks.

This guy carried a frame around and took pictures of people in it.

There was a costume contest, and while we were finalists, this guy one. I actually thought he was part of the organizers. We just need to put more work into the rest of the outfit, too.

Everybody watching a show on the stage.

I loved this guy's outfit, too.

There were a lot of Alice in Wonderland costumes.

It was busy but not packed.

Lots of vendors on the side selling weird little trinkets.

Tearing a phone book in half.


Strip tease.

Escaping a chained straight jacket.

A guy up on a platform.

This was parked next to my spot. What happened to the BMW?

We went to the Magic Castle with some volleyball friends.

Eating dinner inside.

"I'll move my knight here so I'm forking his bishop and two different pawns." Oh wait, he can just take my knight for free with his rook. Whoops.

Pawn fork.

Free pawn. Being up a bishop should be enough to win a game, but now I have a passed pawn, too, so I should definitely win.

Mistake by him, giving away a free rook and then I get the other one, too. 10 points down the drain with one move.

Trying to trap his queen.

I'll move my knight here, attack his queen, and block off most of his escape squares.

Oops. He can just take it for free.

Another mistake.

Trading a rook for a bishop is bad, but when he gets the whole rook for free and I can't even get the bishop, it's pretty much game over.

But in short time control with a lot of pieces left, he can always make a mistake, so no resigning yet.

I'm trying to keep lots of pressure on his king.

I have to win now; if I trade pieces down to an endgame, I'm lost for sure as he's up a rook and a few pawns.

Big mistake by him; I get his queen for my rook.

The king is in pretty tight quarters and his rooks aren't able to get in to help.

Checkmate, nice. Good comeback by me.

Another game where I was down but managed to push a pawn to the queening square, winning the game.

Google now has Flights, too. They even say when a flight is often delayed, very nice.

There's a lot of traffic on the straight road, so it's 10 minutes faster to zig zag through the neighborhood beside it.