2014 Aug 10 | moving, Catalina Island for Ogii's birthday

Palm trees, mountains, and clouds.

A funny little car.

They really don't want you to drive into this trench.

To the stars.

This apartment complex looks a bit like a castle.

Big cloud over downtown.

They're doing construction here, so every once in a while they stop traffic to let trucks in or out. I wonder if they have to get permission from the city to get a stop sign.

I hate this USC bus; it always merges late, messing up traffic.

Palm trees and clouds.

A little fire up in the hills.

Almost 20,000 miles on the Prius.

Merging late. You should get a ticket if you merge across a solid white line.

A ton of oranges and a press for fresh orange juice from a street vendor.

The license plate looks like it almost says "steroids."

That's a ton of text for a billboard, but it's at a long light, so it makes sense. The only problem is you're always looking back at the light to see if it has changed, so you lose your place on the billboard.

This woman was super-nice to the clerk at the drive through, but every time she put her truck in drive you could hear the transmission grinding pretty badly. Just being a good person won't get you good things in life.

Two totally different types of trees.

You don't see many gun stores like this around here.

Burton Chace Park is at the marina in Marina del Rey. It had a couple of birds sharing a table.

Nice gazebos.

A statue of a sailor.

I like the water bus.

The guy who runs it is really trusting; he left his cell phone plugged in out in the open. You couldn't do that in most neighborhoods.

And even a box filled with water bus tickets.

A seal swimming by.

The roots of this tree are very shallow.

The yacht club.

People watching the sunset.

They're going to be filming a movie here.

This tree is really angled.

Some seals sleeping on the dock.

This curb was painted red, but apparently a neighbor comes out at night and repaints it white every time the city paints it red. According to the city, it's supposed to be red, but I don't know of any good reason for that.

Lots of low-income patients, lots of ripped-up magazines.

It's insanely hot in the valleys and inland.

Holding my arms up to the air vents so the A/C goes into my sleeves and around to my back. I haven't done this since moving from Texas.

The light on my slit lamp wasn't working.

Usually jiggling the top a bit works.

But it didn't do anything here.

I had a repair note all written up until I decided to check the plug. Sure enough, it wasn't in all the way. Boy would I have looked stupid if someone had come to repair it.

Two billboards for the new TMNT movie.

Planning out our new living room.

A car with lots of interesting decorations.

A couple of guys sleeping on the steps of this dental clinic.

Eating dinner at Chevy's with the gift card from the parents.

It started to rain, though, but thankfully there were lots of umbrellas outside. It never rains in the summer here.

The little food cart that's usually beside this car wash moved into the end bay to get out of the rain.

A goofy-looking Fruit Loop.

Bison at the grocery store.

My last meeting with legislators on SB 492.

SPiN at The Standard had old-school videgames and ping pong for $5.

Fun-looking table.

Some racing games.

The Simpsons; I remember playing this after baseball tournaments in grade school.

Area 51, with lots of secret areas.

I don't even remember most of the secrets; I just shoot all the lights, windows, and explosive boxes to get them.

I remember this room.

But not this one.

We beat the game.


Ogii playing Tekken Tag Tournament. "Remember, it's just like at home."


They were playing an old movie, too.

Dinner at a Japanese restaurant afterwards. Trying to find my meat in the mess of noodles and onions is like trying to find needles in a haystack.

We moved this weekend. Last weekend we moved Ogii's stuff into my apartment, and this weekend we moved everything into the new apartment.

The bedroom was full of boxes, too.

Some cute baby turtles at the U-Haul place.

The new apartment, with a den on the left and a balcony on the right.

Nice wooden floors, although a little damaged here.

A bit of damage here, too.

And a little discoloration.

Open kitchen.

New-cleaned bedroom.


From the outside with Ogii standing in the den.

Some of our friends from poker, David, RJ, Ovid, Chris, and Katelyn, helped us move, along with Earl, one of Ogii's classmates. With eight total people, it went pretty easily. I had originally only reserved one furniture dolly and one utility dolly, but I upped it to three each, which worked out much better. Here's Ovid hauling a hat, a backpack, and some weights.

Katelyn taking a break on a sofa with just her legs sticking out.

Everything in the new place. It was pretty tiring, but we got it all moved in under six hours. Ogii cooked everyone breakfast and then we took them all out to lunch afterwards as thanks.

We went to Catalina Island for Ogii's birthday. There were some really nice houses as we left LA.

A more modern one.

A sailing ship.

The casino and resort at Catalina.

A cute little truck on top of the stop sign.

There are a lot of free things on your birthday there. First stop was the awesome mini-golf course.

Hole in one!

I like the info about the island at each hole.

Ogii got a hole-in-one on the last hole.

Us in front of all the boats.

A dragonfly on a rock.

A long chain out to the boats.

Pretty curve of palm trees running to the casino.

Looking back the other way.

Somebody's dog ran up this hill, so this guy was going up after it.

Us in our snorkeling gear. You can't smile because the masks fall off your face.

Going down the stairs.

Lots of fish.

Some smaller ones.

Bubbles coming up from scuba divers underneath us.

Popping a bubble.

A selfie with a yellow fish.

This guy was looking right at the camera.

Another one looking for food.

A fish with a bright blue stripe.

And one with neon-blue dots.

Ogii had a mask moustache aftewards.

We ate at Coyote Joe's, and I had the best burrito I've ever tasted.

Neat glass-topped table.

A band playing outside.

Cool statue.

Ogii with a buffalo.

Some people set up nets out in the water.

A buffalo and Eagle on top of a business.

A little cave, although it's not very deep.

I like the license plate on the golf cart.

A submarine.

"This is not a petting zoo."

Clear water.

A glass-bottom boat.

A yacht with a helicopter on back.

Everybody was sleeping on the way back. The guy up front was smart; he laid out and slept on top of the shelf.

These women were having a ton of fun playing cards.

That's nice; they ask you to register to vote when you move. People are much more likely to do this way.

Fun set of hands on TV poker; everyone has a different suit.

I don't think someone named "Syreeta" is blonde and white.